A Comparative Study of Anxiety Level of Enuretic and Non-Enuretic Children

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An Investigation of the Relationship between Counselling Services and Adjustment of School-aged Children–in-Transition in Junior Secondary Schools in Ogun State, Nigeria

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Why it is Important to Address Childhood Obesity?

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Family Relationship and Interest in Only Child and Child with Sibling

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Token Economy - Technique to Reduce Violence and Destructive Behavior among Intellectual Disabled Children

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Mental Health among the Parents of Intellectual Disable Children and Normal Children

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Barriers to Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs in Schools of Jammu

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A Comparative Study between the Parenting Style of Working and Non -Working Mothers and Their Childs’ Temperament on Behavioural Problems: Among School Going Children

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Study of Somatic Complaints among Children with Poor Academic Performance

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A Comparative Study on Adjustment between Obese and Non Obese Children

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Psychological well-being among Parents of Intellectually and Physically Challenged Children

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Development and Use of Alphabet Vigilance Test - Based on Indian Norms

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A Study of Gender Differences in Emotional Intelligence and Learning Behaviour among Children

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A Study of Teaching Aptitude on Regular Teacher and Special Teacher

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Emotional Disturbances and Child Sexual Abuse: A Psychosocial Perspective

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Quality of Life of Parents Having Children with Autism

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Effectiveness of Neurofeedback Associated with Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy on Children with Attention Defect Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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Effect of “EYE to ‘I’®” - An Early Intervention Model on Social Language Development for Children with Neuro- Developmental Difficulties

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The Role of Parental Alcohol Abuse on Children Detachment to the Streets in Kabale Municipality, Uganda

Adeodata Ahimbisibwe, Sr. Dr. Elizabeth O. Ngozi, Department of Psychology, Tangaza University, Africa

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Influence of Childhood Adverse Experiences and Resilience on Self-esteem in Early Adulthood

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Parenting Styles and Its Influence on Internet Usage among Young Children

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Self esteem among Children with Learning Disability: an Intervention Study

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Effect of Beta Wave Therapy on Academic Performance of ADHD Children

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Effect of Academic Cognitive Remedial Interventions on the Skills of Children with Special Need

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Why Elderly People Don’t Prefer to Claim their Maintenance from their Children?

Ms. Nirupuma Yadav

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Shyness among Children With and Without Learning Disability-A Comparative Study

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Educational Rearing: A New Dimension of Child Rearing

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The Effectiveness of Clinical Model of Therapeutic Creativity on Cognitive Flexibility in Children with Autism

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Evaluation the Effectiveness of Therapeutic Creativity Model on Promotion of Autistic Children's Social Flexibility

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Investigating Psychological Profile of Families with Mentally Retarded Children Based on the Family Content Process Model in Elementary Schools in Shiraz

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Cultural Practices of Male Child Preference as a Determinant of Psychological Trauma among Women in South Eastern-Nigeria

Eze Ogbonnia Eze (Ph.D.), Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chigbo (Ph.D.)

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Methods of Nurturing Children's Thinking Based On the Teachings of the Qur'an

Maryam Sarkhanloo

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Childhood Sexual Abuse and OCD with Chronic Motor TIC Disorder

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Parent Child Relationship of Indian Students and Suggestive Techniques

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Does Child Abuse Impede Behavioural Functioning in School Children?

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Effectiveness of Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) in Relieving Distress and Cultivating Positive Attitude in Young Individuals with Cancer

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Childhood Adverse Experiences Questionnaire-Initial Scale Development and Validation

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Does Child Abuse Obstruct the Level of Self-Esteem in Adolescents?

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Journey from Infertile Frame to Fertile Living

Ramya S

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A Pedagogical Approach to Combine the Values of Feeling, Thinking and Behaviour of a Child for Quality Education

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Developmental Delay and Disability among 0-6 Year Children in Rural and Urban Kashmir India

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Research on the Individual Development of Children by Eliminating Stressors

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Socio - Demographic Correlates and Psychological Factors Associated with Mothers of Mentally Handicapped Children

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Childhood Psychological Abuse and Mental Health of Youth

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Psychological Problems during Advance Stage of Pregnancy

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Cognitive Performance in Children with Refractory Mesial Temporal Sclerosis (MTS) - an Indian Experience

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Influence of Childhood Trauma and Personality Traits on Paranormal Beliefs among Early-adults

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Effectiveness of Mindfulness on Conduct Disorders in Children

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Marital Quality and Stress in Parents of Children with Epilepsy and Normal Controls: A Comparative Study

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The Influence of Sex Role Perception on Career Aspirations and Self-Esteem in Children with a Preference for Disney Movies

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Systematic Review of Cognitive Style, Its Approaches and Cultural Research

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Parent Opinions and Attitudes on Toys for Children with or Without Developmental Disabilities

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Emotional Intelligence and Gender Differences in the Adolescent Children of Employed Mothers and Homemakers

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Religious Orientation and Psychological Distress among Parents of Mentally Retarded Children

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Sensory Integration Therapy on Social and Self Care Skills in Children with Autism

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The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Group Therapy on Anxiety, Depression and Rumination in the mothers of Children with Special needs

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Impact of Family Pathology on Behavioural and Emotional Problems of Children

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The Correlation between Children’s Attachment of Working Mothers with Preschoolers’ Socialization

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Psychological State of Working and Non-Working Woman’s Child

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Mentally Challenged Children’s Performance Comparison to Evaluate their Motor Function of the Brain - By Applying Finger Tapping Sub-test Test of Neuropsychological Battery

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Working Memory Predicts Reading Skills of Children at Risk of Dyslexia

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Assessing Self Concept and School Adjustment Level of Children with Learning Disability

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Factors Related with Drug/Alcohol Addiction amongst School Going Students in Pune, India

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Impact of Child Friendly Play-Way Method of Intervention Programme on Enhancement of Attention among Tribal Children

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Concept Development and level of Social Maturity of Visually Handicapped Children in Integrated and Residential Settings

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Relationship between Knowledge, Attitudes, Concerns and Competency Skills of Regular Teachers about Inclusive Education

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Different Indigenous Techniques Practiced for Tackling Obesity among Children in China and India

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Child Sexual Abuse: Can They Ever Overcome It

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Academic Achievement, Behavioral and Emotional Problem among Marginalised Children

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Relationship of Parental Responses to Pain Catastrophization, Pain Intensity and Functional Limitations in Children with Functional Pain

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Smell as an Emotional Stimulant in Horticultural Therapy: Lessons from Activities Conducted for Orphanage Children in Bangalore

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To Study the Relationship between Level of Stress and Coping Strategies among Parents of Mentally Retarded and Autistic Children

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Media Exposure as Predictor of Childhood Obesity in Children Aged 7-12 Years in Gurgaon

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Perceived Parental Practices and Quality of Life of Children with Learning Disabilities

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Challenging Behaviours among Children with Autism

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Burden, Stress and Coping Strategies of Intellectually Disabled Children

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An Experiment on Children with Special Needs (CSWN) To Check the Effect of Exclusive Approach on Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Skills

Mohammad Un Nisa, Madan Mohan Chell, S Rehan Ahmad

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Attitude of Prospective Teachers towards Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities In Relation To Gender and Academic Stream

Dr. Harneet Billing

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Dance Therapy as a Treatment Modality for Autistic Children in Social Interaction

Sophia Ali, Dr. Anuradha

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Attachment to Parents during Adolescence and Its Impact on Their Psychological and Social Adjustment

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Study of Family Preferences of Orphan and Normal Children through Family Drawings

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A Study on Parent Child Relationship Hospital Nurse Groups

Dr. Santosh Kumar

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A Case of Childhood Onset Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Presented as School Refusal for a Year

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Family Dysfunction and Childhood Abuse and Trauma among Offenders

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Effect of Social Stories on Social Skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Transforming Learning–Empowering Children through Multiple Intelligences

Venkateshwar Rao D

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Women’s Education and Mother Child Relationship

Dr. Manju Pandey

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To Associate Between Social Adaptive Behavior and Socio Demographic Variables among Children with Chronic Illness

Mridula. C. Jobson, Dr. R. Subhashini

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Avoidance in Family Creates Poor Mental Health in Children

Dr. Vikas Kamble

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Influence of Domestic Violence in the Characterization (Growth, Psychological Behavior and Academic Performance) of Teenagers in School / Colleges

Dr Sreekumar D Menon

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How Parents and Their Children View Media? Comparing Attitudes of Parents and Children towards Media

Prerna Varma

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Development of Organizational Care and Support Inventory for Sheltered Street Children

Dr. G. Sarvani

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School Bullying: Effecting Childs Mental Health

Tehseen Nazir, Dr. Metin Piskin

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Children Webbed in the Cyber Network: an Exploratory Study on Children’s Cyber Behavior and Cyber Laws

Nouzia Noordeen, Dr. C. Jayan

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Influence of Organizational Care and Support on Emotional and Behavioral Problems of Sheltered Street Children


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Unprotected In an Islamic Country; Experiences of Childhood Sexual Abuse among Pakistani Women

Anam Shahid, Naumana Amjad

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To Study the Gender Difference in Career Maturity-Competence of Parentally Accepted & Rejected Students In Relation To Management of Schools

Rajeev Oberai

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Does Subjective Well-being Depend On Childhood Punishment? - An Exploratory Study

Payel Dey Ghosh, Prof Mallika Banerjee

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Content Validity and Reliability of the 13-Item Sense of Coherence Scale among 13-15 Year Old School Children in Chennai City

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Problems and Issues Related To Mother of an Only Child in India

Disha Chaudhari

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Stress Management among Adolescents

Deepa K Damodaran, Varghese Paul K

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Prevalence Rate of Disruptive Behavior Disorders among the Preschool Children

MojtabaHabibi, NargesZamani, Mani B.Monajemi, Zahra Fadaei

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The Relation between Social Support and Marital Satisfaction & Couples’ Depression after the Birth of the First Child

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Parenting Styles Influencing Personality Development of Catering Students

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Nurturing Invulnerability in Disadvantaged Children

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A Study on the Awareness of Behavioral Issues of Children with Intellectual Disabilities among General Education Teachers in Inclusive Schools

Kumar. S, Ms. David. H.B

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Stress, Burden and Coping between Caregivers of Cerebral Palsy and Autism Children

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A Comparison of Montessori and Traditional School Children on Cognitive Development

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Clinical Profile of Children with Intellectual Developmental Disorder Institution Based Cross Sectional Study

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Psychological Distress, Family Adjustment and Quality of Life of Mothers of Differentially Disabled Children

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A Study of Adjustment of Rural and Urban Parents of Children with Mentally Retarded

Dr. S.P. Melkeri, Mr. Shivalingaiah. M

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Gender Differences in Social Relationships and Social Support of School Children

Om Parkash

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Children Affected by Trauma in Conflict Areas and Need for School-based Psycho-social Intervention

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Gender Differences in Stress among Parents of Children with Autism

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Socio-Economic Status and Well-being among Early Adolescents

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Development of Stress Scale for Caretakers of Mentally Disabled Children

Dr. Prerna Puri, Ms. Nidhi Purohit

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Effects of Frequent Change of Schools on School Going Children: A Narrative Interpretation

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Psychosocial Adjustment among Orphan Children Living with HIV/AIDS

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Personality of ‘Only Children’ and ‘Children with a Sibling’

Jaya Eknath Badi

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To Determine Level of Post Traumatic Stress Faced By Adolescent Children with Chronic Illness

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Study of Specific Learning Disorder in Children with Poor Academic Performers

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Cyberbullying: Psychological Effect on Children

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Study on Temperament of Scholastically Backward Children

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Identification of a Delinquent Child – A Case Study of 10th Class Student, Laxmangarh, Sikar (Rajasthan)

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Parent-Child Relationship of Teenagers

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Qualitative Analysis of Counselling Approaches for Caregivers of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

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A Study of Linguistic and Cognitive Competence of Primary School Children

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Effective Coping Strategies for Stress in Parents of Autistic Children: A Training Module

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Conversion Disorder in Children: Characteristics and Gender Differences

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A Study of Psychosocial Profile of Mentally Handicapped Children and Psychopathology in their Parents

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Organizational Care and Support of Sheltered Street Children

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Promulgation of RTE-Act among Disabled Children

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A Comparative Study on the Female Domestic Workers and Their Children in Kamrup Districts of Assam

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Comparison of Educational Facilities of Mentally Challenged Children of Special School and Government School in Kolkata

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Exploring the Sri Lankan Teacher Attitudes Pertaining To Corporal Punishment against Their Knowledge and Perceived Skills Pertaining To Child Protection

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Family Involvement in Child Education and the Family-School Relationship in Romania

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Predicting Cancer from Depression: A Systematic Review of Prospective Studies

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Impact of Yogic Practises on Risk Taking Behavior of Attension Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children

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Self-Esteem and Coping among Children with Borderline Intelligence and Average Intelligence

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Cognitive and Psycho-Social Effects of Childhood Obesity

Puja Jain, Dr. Pratima Kaushik

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Health and Nutritional Status of Orphan Children’s Living in Orphanages with Special Reference to District Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir

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Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention: Outcomes for Children with Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

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Impact of Comorbidities on Self-Esteem of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Aggressive Behaviors of Sri Lankan Preschool Children: A Mixed Method Study

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Management of Problems of Dyslexic Children through Ayurveda

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A Study of Early Schooling Children on Personality Factors

Dr. Bobinder

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Effect of Differential Reinforcements on Reducing Problematic Behaviours among Children with Intellectual Disability in the Classrooms

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Children’s Perspective on Parenting Styles: A Developmental Approach

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Does Your Career Affect Your Child’s Smile?- Effects of Age and Maternal Employment on Aggression in Adolescents

Dr. Nidhi Gandhi

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Peer Victimization and Emotional Problems in Vietnamese Children: A Longitudinal Study

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Achievement Motivation of Children of Employed Mothers and Homemakers

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Well-Being, Psychosocial Problems and Social Interaction Anxiety in Children

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Impact of Political Violence in the Lives of Sri Lankan Preschool Children as Perceived by Their Preschool Teachers

Buddhiprabha D D Pathirana

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Coping Mechanisms and Parental Relationship in the Families of a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Aggressive Behaviour among Elementary School Children in Bangalore: A Study on Gender and Grade Differences

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The Impact of the Internet on Social & Psychological Well-Being of School Going Children

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Effectiveness of Coping Strategy Training For Behavioural Modification among School Going Heart Defect Children after Surgery

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Impact of Parental Personality on Crying Child Behavior and Their Future Mental Health

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A Cross-Sectional Design: Marital Satisfaction of Mather and Self-Esteem in Children

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Psychological Causes of Residential and Day Scholar School Dropout

Dr. Deepak Pandey

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Study of Social- Emotional Learning of Girls and Its Relation to Their Father’s Occupation at Early Childhood

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Emotional Stability among Annamalai University Students

Mohammad Amin Wani

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Creativity in Children: The Role of Child Abuse, Socio-Economic Status and Age

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Building Capacity to Improve Child Cognitive Skills: A Case Study

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Empirical Study of the Effect of Surya Namaskar Yognidra and Chanting of 'Aum' On the Self Confidence Level of Children

Dr. Upendra Babu Khatri

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Phonological Awareness among Kannada Speaking Children: Analysis of Performance on Different Components of Phonological Awareness

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Independence in Decision Making: Considering the Distance between Parents and Their Children

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Investigating the Effectiveness of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) on Children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Traffic Accident)

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Stigma in the Social Life among Mothers Having Children with Intellectual Disabilities: Challenges and Suggestions

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Giftedness among School Children: A Review

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Quality of Life among Parents of Mentally Challenged Children

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Anxiety of Pregnant Woman in Relation to Education and Involvement in Tapovan Research Center of Children’s University

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A Psychological Study of Adjustment in Child Laborers

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Futures under Construction: Workforce Development and Retention for Educating Children of Migrant Construction Workers in India

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Emotional Maturity among Joint Family and Nuclear Family Children

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Social Competence in Children of Alcoholic Parents

Arihant Nachiketa

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Mental Health of Pregnant Women in Relation to Area and Involvement in Tapovan Research Center of Children's University

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Management of Child-bearing Attitude among HIV Cases

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Mental Health Problems of Parents with Intellectually Disabled Child

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Personality Correlates of Academically Deprived Children

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Impact of Family Dysfunctions on Child and Adolescents Mental Health

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Effectiveness of Implementation of Inclusive Education for Visually Challenged Children under Various Modes in Jodhpur City

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Rehabilitation of Mentally Retarded Children through Environmental Protection

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Effectiveness of Inclusion on Social Maturity of Intellectual Disabled Children

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Effect of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy on Quality Life of Parents of Special Children

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Quality of life among Parents having Children with Autism

Gavneet Kaur Pruthi

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Malaise of Domestic Violence: Scarring Children’s Well Being

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The Psychosocial Problems of Parental Migration on Children in Arba Minch Town

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The Effect of Corporal Punishment on Frustration Tolerance in School Going Children

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Pain Perception in Children towards Dental Anesthesia – A Survey

Nur Liyana Hannah Binti Izham Akmal, Dr. Dhanraj. M

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A Comparative Research on Possibility of Onset of Bipolar Disorder among Physically Challenged and Normal Children

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Impact of Prayer and Yoga on the Vigilance of Summer Camp Children

Lasika Gudhainiya

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A Case Study: Indian Ragas Adjunct to Floor Time Therapy for of a Child with Autism

Manasi Rani Panda, Shamsul Haque Nizamie, Preeti Pandey, Vikas Kumar

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Extent and Determinants of Parenting Stress in Parents of Children with Intellectual Disability, Specific Learning Disability, and Slow Learners

Nitin A. Lal, Dr. Emilda Judith Ezhil Rajan

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Participatory and Competitive Research to Improve Performance of Children: A Window to Excellence

Dr. Shruti Marwaha, Geetika Nanda, Jeta Sharma, Shivani Sharma

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Malini Ramu, Amira Parveen

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Child Abuse: Effects and Preventive Measures

Irfan Fayaz

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Shyness among Children with and Without Stuttering: A Comparative Study

Harish. M, Mridula Singh

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Impact of Housemaids on Social and Emotional Development of Children of Working Mothers in Lahore

Fatima Moazzam , Zara Haroon

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Child Abuse and Neglect: Gender Based Teachers Awareness

Vidyanand S. Khandagale , Rajendra L. Chavan

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Self-Esteem and Relationships with Parents: A Comparative Study of Substance Abusers and Non-Abusers

Pankil Dhanda, Anupama Srivastava

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Perceptions of Teachers towards Children Usage of Electronic Gadgets

Sowmya ASL, Manjuvani E

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Impact of Emotional Abuse on Self-Concept

Afreen, Shah Alam

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A Comparative Study of Joint-Nuclear Family School Children of Different Birth-Order on Extraversion

Dr. Dinesh Prasad Sahu

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Scope of Education among Tribal Children in Telangana

Gugolothu Rajeshwar, Prof. V. Ramachandram

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Identifying Developmental Psychopathology among Children of Alcohol Dependent Fathers

Y, Miranda

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Neuro-Cognitive Functioning and Depression among Epileptic Children

Gopukumar Kumarpillai, Padma Sri Lekha P , , Janani VS , Umashankar R , Nandavar Shobha, Girish Gadre

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Level of Achievement Motivation, Neuropsychological Profile and Impact of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation on Children with Specific Learning Disability (SLD)

Ms. Sini Elsa Joseph, Mr. S. Karthikeyan

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Effectiveness of Training on Constructivism Learning Methods to Improve Teaching Skills Self Help Material for Early Childhood Education Teachers

Khoirul Umam , Rudi Cahyono , Andi Ahmad Ridha

DIP: 18.01.072/20190703

DOI: 10.25215/0703.072

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