Evaluation of Correlation between Internet Addiction and Psychological Status among First Year Medical Students

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Academic Achievement of College Students and Their Locus of Control

Ruhanshi Mathur

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Correlation between Personality Types and Color Shade Preference

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Premenstrual Symptoms: Correlation with Temperament

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Correlation between Sleep Disturbance and Clinico-Socio Demographic Variables in a Cohort of Depressive Patients

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A Correlation Study of Aggressive Behavior among Juveniles at Different Observation Home of Gujarat State

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Relationship between Body Image and Self Esteem: A Study on the Male Undergraduate Students of Delhi University

Maanya Tewatia

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A Study on Correlation between Severity of Depression and Quality of Sleep

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The Correlation between Children’s Attachment of Working Mothers with Preschoolers’ Socialization

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Social Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence: Correlational Analysis among Secondary School Students in Different Achievement Levels

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Survivors of Trauma and Positive Psychological Attributes: A Correlational Study

Pooja Prasad, Deepti Swamy

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Job Stress, Well-Being and Coping: A Correlational Study among Police Personnel

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Development of Organizational Care and Support Inventory for Sheltered Street Children

Dr. G. Sarvani

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Correlation of the Religious and the Paranormal Beliefs to Personality

Dr. Malik Roshan Ara

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Correlation between Hopelessness and Different Levels of Depression among Adolescents

Aditi Bansal

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Body Image Perceptions and Its Correlation with Self Esteem of Adolescents Studying In Engineering Colleges of Hyderabad

V. Divya, Dr. K. Mayuri

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Achievement Motivation and Emotional Intelligence: A Correlational Study

Dr. Jayashree P. Sontakke

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A Correlational Study of Experienced Sexual Harassment, Anxiety and Depression among Working Unmarried Women

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Family Environment and Its Correlation with Anxiety and Depression: A Study on Heart Patients

Dr. Meena Jain, Saloni Chandalia

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A Correlation between Mann and Twak Vikar: A Conceptual Review Study

Ankur Kumar Tanwar, Dr. Sujata Rajan

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Casual Reading Habits and Interpersonal Reactivity: A Correlational Study

Deepti S

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The Correlation between the Sports Coaches' Leadership Styles and Female Students' Psychological Self-Efficacy at High Schools of Falavarjan County

Zamani, Kobra, Kajbaf, Mohammad-Bagher

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Spirituality and Motivation of College Students

Dr. Kailash C. Barmola

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The Relationship between Resiliency Index and Instability of the Marriage in Women: A Correlational Design

Nazanin Mahdinia, Shokoh Navabi Nezhad

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A Correlation Study of Scientific Attitude and Scientific Interest of class IX Students

Dr. Ragini Singh, Dr. Rashmi Singh

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Correlation of Emotional Intelligence with Conflict Management Styles in IT based Organization

Goodwill Khokhar, William Selvamurthy

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Hope and Psychological Well Being among Diabetes Patients: A Correlational Study

Aqueleem Un Nabi, Tabeer Ahmad, Mohd. Ilyas Khan

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Correlational Analysis of Self-Regulation and Self-Efficacy with the Individuation Process among Adults

Nayanika Singh

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Correlation between Family Environment and Self Esteem of Adolescents

Aditi Bansal

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Correlational Study of Life Satisfaction, Caregiving Self-Efficacy and Burden of Caregiving in the Primary Caregivers of Chronic Schizophrenia Patients in Pune

Ms. Sheetal A Lakhani, Mrs. Shradha R Sakatkar

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Correlational Study of Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence of the 11th STD students Dhule City

Dr. G. B. Chaudhari, Mrs. Priyanka S. Gorane

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A Correlational Study of Mental Health and Adjustment among College Students

Prajakta Abhyankar, Jeevan. R. Patil

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Tension Type Headache and Percieved Stress Level: A Correlational Study

Priyanka Yadav

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Study on Correlation between Psychotic Symptoms and Suicide in a Cohort of Patients with Severe Depression

Dr. Syed Ummer. I, Dr. Sushith Sugathan. C

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Study on Correlation of Pscho-social and Demographic Factors with Perinatal Depression

Dr. P. Bharathi, Dr. Sushith Sugathan. C

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DOI: 10.25215/0702.104

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