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Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program and Conscious Yoga on Anxiety and Depression Trait in High School Girl Students: A Pilot Study

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Mental Health Status of High School Teachers

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The Use of ‘F’-Word among High School Students

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Impact of Demographic Variables on Non Verbal Creativity among High School Students

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An Investigation of the Relationship between Personality Dimensions and General Health of High School Female Students in Falavarjan City

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Relationship between Personality and Teacher Effectiveness of High School Teachers

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Gender Wise Relationship between Values and Moral Judgment of High School Students

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Construction and Standardization of Literary Interest Inventory for the Students of Higher Secondary Schools

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Construction of Test Measuring Mental Rotation Ability of Adolescent High School Students

Sumona Datta, Debdulal Dutta Roy

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Frustration Level of High School Students among Their Gender

Muddanagouda Patil, Dr. Shivakumara K

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The Effect of Brain Gym Exercises on Self- Esteem and Sensory Processing Speed on High School Hearing Impaired Students

Juliana Jecinth R. B, Prof. A. Velayudhan

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Academic Stress among Government and Private High School Students

Dr. Smritikana Mitra Ghosh

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Analysis of the Role of Parent’s Lifestyle by the Authoritative Parenting Style in Girls of Grade Three of High School in Zahedan: A Cross Sectional Study

Azam Akbarizadeh, Khadijeh Khoeini, Azam Akbarizadeh

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The Correlation between the Sports Coaches' Leadership Styles and Female Students' Psychological Self-Efficacy at High Schools of Falavarjan County

Zamani, Kobra, Kajbaf, Mohammad-Bagher

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To Study the Stress among Adolescent

Dr. Santosh Kumar

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Management of English Language Anxiety through Behaviour Modification Techniques of High School Students

Ganesan, Rajesh, Kulkarni, Mukund

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Mental Health among Rural High School Students Tiruchirappalli Educational District

Muthusamim. M

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Comparing Self-Efficacy of Government and Private High School Female Students

Chandra Shekhar, Rajinder Kumar

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Parental Practices of High School Students with ADHD Behaviours: A Study

Dr. G. Venugopal, Karanam Mahaboobvali

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Effects of Life - Skills Counseling In Enhancing Self-Sufficiency among High School Students

Surma, S, Sampathkumar, Surma, S

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A Critical Overview of Research Studies on the Role of Positive Psychology Interventions in Enhancing Subjective Well-Being among High School Students

Jayashree Sanghani, Saroj Arya

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A Study of Mental Health among High School Students

Dr. Rajani R. Senad

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Psychological Study of Altruism and Aggression of High School Students

Patil Vishwanth Malagonda, Prof. Kulkarni A. P.

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Liaison in Religiosity and Emotional Intelligence with a Perspective on Female High Schoolers and Undergraduates in Influencing Coping

Dr. Emilda Judith Ezhil Rajan

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Intolerance of Uncertainty as a Mediator between Psychological Flexibility and Future Anxiety among Vocational High School Students

Nixie Devina Rahmadiani, Firdaus Yuni Hartatik, Latipun

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Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practices of Stress Management Strategy in Resolving Problem of the Adolescents in High School at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Ms. Shaini G.S

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Neurotic Personality as a Moderator Variable between Perceived Stress and Life Satisfaction in Vocational High School Students

Firdaus Yuni Hartatik, Nixie Devina Rahmadiani, Latipun

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Life Skills of High School Teachers: A Comparison of Salesian and Model Schools

Rosily T. E., Geetha K

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Curiosity, Happiness and Academic Achievement among High School Students

V. Banupriya , Ms. Rini Rajan

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Grit And Academic Achievement: Is It Related?

V. Banupriya, Ms. Rini Rajan

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Adjustment among High School Students

Hiral Prajapati

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