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Student’s Creativity in Relation to Locus of Control: a Study of Mysore University, India

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Abdul Raffie Naik

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Type of Education, Locus of Control and Optimistic - Pessimistic Attitude among Undergraduate College Students

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Effect of Health Locus of Control on Patients with Somatization Disorder

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Locus of Control and Teacher Student Interaction of the Adolescent Students within the Prison of Shyness

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Relationship among Personality Type A/B, Locus of Control and Optimism: A Study on Suicide Attempters (20-30 yrs)

Dr. Arvind K Birdie

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Consciousness, Religiosity and Locus of Control as Predictors of Well-Being among Young Adolescents

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Anger, Depression and Locus of Control among Heavy Smokers, Cannabis Users and Heroin Addicts

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Emotional Intelligence – A Factor Influencing the Nature of Locus of Control of Student Teachers – An Analytical Study

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Locus of Control: Influence of Internality, Externality- Others, Externality-Chance among Management Students

Shilpa H. Arakeri, Bharathi V. Sunagar

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Meditation and Locus of Control in Relation to Altitude

Capt(ex) Deepika Chamoli, Dr Rita Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) Abha Singh

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Association between Locus of Control and Job Satisfaction in Employees: A Critical Review

Mr. Khagendra Nath Gangai, Dr. Gopal Chandra Mahakud, Mr. Vikas Sharma

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A Study on Locus of Control and Mental Health of Students

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Self-Efficacy and Locus of Control in Indian Youth

P Gajendran, Y. K. Nagle

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Study of Locus of Control in Female and Male MSc Students

Vahideh Fatemi0F , Dr Simin Hoseiniyan

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Health Locus of Control and Health Behaviours in Lung Cancer Patients

Medha Tripathi, H. S. Asthana, A. K. Asthana

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The Impact of Personal Characteristics on Innovative Work Behaviour: An Exploration into Innovation and Its Determinants amongst Teachers

Kanan Deep Kaur, Dr. Vibhuti Gupta

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Effect of NSS Special Camp Activities on Emotional Intelligence and Locus of Control

Mr. R. U. Jadhav

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Locus of Control in Millennial Females

Sharon Sunil

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Locus of Control, Insecurity, Lifestyle and Psychologica Adjustment: A Comparative Study of Joint and Nuclear Family of College Students

Jayesh L. Gavit

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The Impact of Therapeutic Technique on Grit and Locus of Control in Adolescents

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An Exploration of Locus of Control among Substance Abusers and Non Abusers: A Comparative Study in Kashmir

Syed Andleeb Andrabi, Mohd Rafiq Dhobi, Shobina Akther

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Predictive Effects of Perceived School Environment, Teacher Efficacy, Internal Locus of Control on Secondary Schools Teacher Burn Out

Emmanuel S.O

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Relationship between Locus of Control and Self-efficacy among Special Educators

Ms. Malarkodi. A, Dr. Sujaritha Magdalin

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Social Support as a Variable of Modelator Relationship between Locus of Control and Depression in Chronic Disease Patients

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Impact of Locus of Control on Attitude towards Family Planning: Study in Different Religious in Karnataka

Dr Bagappa Chalawadi

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