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Self-Efficacy and Positive Life Orientation in Prostitutes

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Role of Economic status and Mother's Work Status on Parenting

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Positive Psychological Factors of Career Development among Undergraduate Students

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Organizational Justice enhances Subjective Well-being

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Yoga as a Predictor of Self-Compassion in Adolescents – Endeavors for Positive Growth and Development

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Dare to Care-Adolescent’s Mental Health

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Emotional Intelligence and Psychopathology in Schizophrenia

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Positive Body Image and General Health: A Mixed Methods Study

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Essential Evil Called Mental Health: Why Is It Important

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Mindfulness for Positive Mental Health

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An Analysis of Gratitude and Hope In Relation To Happiness

S. Meherunissa

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Psychological Well-Being in HIV/AIDS Positive and Negative

Prof. Anjali Srivastava1, Mohammad Amin Wani

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Family Adjustment, Social Adjustment and Depression in People with HIV Positive Diagnosis

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Behavior Modification in a Case with Mild Intellectual Disability

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