The Effect of Cooperative Learning Model Type NHT (Numbered Head Together) to Increase Students Learning Outcomes and Self Efficacy

Nisa Jamilah Habib Supriadi

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Self Efficacy and Spiritual Values as Predictors of Life Satisfaction among School Teachers

Masaud Ansari

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Emotional Regulation & Optimism as Predictor of Self Efficacy among Young Adults in India

Ankita Maity, Anjali Sahai

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Life Satisfaction and Self Efficacy among Young adults

Shefali SK

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Role of Self Esteem & Self Efficacy in Achievement Motivation among College Students

Sandhya Bhatt

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A Study on Relationship between Self Efficacy and Flow at Work among Young Adults

Tanya Tandon

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Critical Appraisal on Self Concept in Conversion Disorders


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Relationship between Self-Efficacy with Career Development among University Students

Syeda Ishrat Fatima, Firdous Asghar, Syeda Shireen Khatoon, Areej Fatima

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Self Efficacy and Academic Achievement among Female Engineering Students Studying In Single Sex and Co-Education Institutes

Priyadarshini V. Ramteke, Ramteke

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Validate the Use of College Self Efficacy Inventory for Measuring Psychosocial Factors on Indian Students

Dr. Rachna Jain, Ms. Bharti Chaudhary

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Career Decision Self Efficacy and Psychological Distress in Non-Formal Education Students

Sugeng Hariyadi, Nuke Martiarini, Abdul Haris Fitri Anto

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Self Efficacy as Predictor of Organizational Commitment among Revenue Personnel

Sonal Agarwal, P.C Mishra

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Job Satisfaction and Occupational Self Efficacy among Government and Private School Teachers in Shivamogga District

D.G. Pooja

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DOI: 10.25215/0701.093

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