Grief, Traumatic Loss and Coping following Bereavement: Case Study of Women

Salma Kaneez

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Relationship between Initial Trauma Processing Strategies and Posttraumatic Growth among Survivors of Garissa University Terrorist Attack, Kenya

Asatsa Stephen, Dr. Sabina Mutisya, Dr. Bethwell Owuor

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Well-being after Personal and Natural Trauma among University Students

Asanka Bulathwatta, Evelin Witruk, Konrad Rechske

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Cultural Practices of Male Child Preference as a Determinant of Psychological Trauma among Women in South Eastern-Nigeria

Eze Ogbonnia Eze (Ph.D.), Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chigbo (Ph.D.)

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Assessing Post Traumatic Growth and Life Satisfaction following Spousal Bereavement

Dr. Komal Chandiramani, Prof. Waheeda Khan

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Influence of Childhood Trauma and Personality Traits on Paranormal Beliefs among Early-adults

Aswathi Prasad, Baiju Gopal

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Cognitive Skill Development Training for People with Traumatic Brain Injury

D. Vasantha Prabha, Sarah Manickaraj

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Relationship of Posttraumatic Growth with Religious Coping and Optimism among Breast Cancer Patients of Kashmir

Samina, Dr. Touseef Rizvi

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Impact of PTSD on Quality of Life and Subjective Well-Being of Peoples in Tsunami Affected Area at Pondicherry: A Comparative Study

Neethu. P. S, Abdul Rafeeque T. C

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Role of Hope and Perceived Social Support in Predicting Posttraumatic Growth among Half- Widows in Kashmir

Sadaf Anjum, Shahina Maqbool

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Survivors of Trauma and Positive Psychological Attributes: A Correlational Study

Pooja Prasad, Deepti Swamy

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Posttraumatic Growth and Its Correlates in an Indian Setting

Shweta Tandon, Seema Mehrotra

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Family Dysfunction and Childhood Abuse and Trauma among Offenders

Behanan, S. E., Rejani, T.G

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Feasibility of Home-Based Attention Retraining On People with Mild and Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury

Aleena Maria Sunny

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Unprotected In an Islamic Country; Experiences of Childhood Sexual Abuse among Pakistani Women

Anam Shahid, Naumana Amjad

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Children Affected by Trauma in Conflict Areas and Need for School-based Psycho-social Intervention

Bilal Kaloo, Tanveera Ali

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To Determine Level of Post Traumatic Stress Faced By Adolescent Children with Chronic Illness

Mridula.C.Jobson, Dr. R. Subhashini

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Posttraumatic Growth through Quran and Sunna: Islamic Perspective

Sadaf Anjum Masoodi, Prof. Shahina Maqbool

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Perceived Psychological Resilience among the Survivors of a Tragedy in Kenya: A Theoretical Approach

Lenah Sambu

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Review from Clinical Perspective

Dr. Gautam Rawal, Dr. Sankalp Yadav, Dr. Raj Kumar

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Investigating the Effectiveness of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) on Children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Traffic Accident)

Matin HassanzadehMoghaddam, Dr Javad Khalatbari

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Relationship between Attachment Styles, Vicarious Resilience and Traumatization

Trishi Agarwal , Maxim Pereira

DIP: 18.01.040/20190703

DOI: 10.25215/0703.040

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