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Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program and Conscious Yoga on Anxiety and Depression Trait in High School Girl Students: A Pilot Study

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Mindfulness and Yoga: A Ray of Hope

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Mental Health Status & Stress: A Comparative Study among Yoga- doer and Yoga- non doer Older Adults

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Meditation –Peace of Mind

Sonal D. Parmar

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Strategies to effectively control Aggression: A case study

Kartiki Porwal

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Stress Manage by Yoga

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A Clinical Study of “Guduchyadi Compound” In the Management of “Amlapitta”

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Effectiveness of Yoga in Patients with Functional Psychotic Disorder

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Different Indigenous Techniques Practiced for Tackling Obesity among Children in China and India

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Effect of Yoga on the Mental State of People

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Effect of Adaptive Yoga Therapy in Increasing Hand Steadiness among Children with Intellectual Disability

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Anxiety among Youth and its Management through Yoga

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How Anxiety and Depression can affect the Perceptual Process of Human Life. Exploring Human Values with Nature as a Secure Base and Focussing On Healthy Life with Yoga and Meditation (An Empirical View of Himalayan Region)

T. Shantha Kumar

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Effect of Yogic Exercise on Emotional Maturity of B.Ed. Students

Dr. Mahesh Kumar Muchhal, Arun Kumar

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Kundaini Awakening, the Physical and Psychological Aspects

Satyanarayan Mishra

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Management of Mathematics Phobia among Ninth Standard Students

Pankaj Singh

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Analysis of Well Being of People Practicing Yoga

K. Madhava Chandran

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Management of Mathematics Anxiety through Behaviour Technology, Super Brain Yoga and Varmalogy in Ninth Standard Students

Pankaj Singh

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Role of Yoga in Purifying Body

Ravi Kumar

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A Survey Exploring PMS Awareness Trends in Indian Women and a Review of Ways to Harmonize Psycho - Physiological Stress of Premenstrual Syndrome Practicing Yoga Asanas

Chandana Eswar

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Significance of Yoga in Healing Anxiety and Depression

Rutu D Trivedi, Dr. Shailesh Raval

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Review on Theorizing Yoga and Dance/Movement Therapy as a Mindfulness Skill

Mehrnaz Dehghan

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The Relation of Attachment to God with Spirituality among Yoga Practitioners

Naseem Ahmad, Nasheed Imtiaz

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Yoga Benefits for Health

Razia Saleem

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Effects of Yoga, Exercise and Prayer on the Quality of Life

Zeenat Fatima, Dr Shahina Maqbool

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A Comparative Study to See the Impact of Yoga on Educational Aspiration (EA) and Test Anxiety (TA) among College Going Girls

Patelia Shraddha, Dr Rathi Nanda

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Indian Ancient Techniques and Psychotherapy: A Need of Time to Merge

Thseen Nazir

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Role of Stress on Women’s Health: Causes and Prevention

Razia Saleem, Shamsul Siddiqui

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Yoga as a Predictor of Self-Compassion in Adolescents – Endeavors for Positive Growth and Development

Teesta Saksena, Dr. Ritu Sharma

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Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Spirituality in Yoga Practitioners

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Yoga and Mental Health: An Underexplored Relationship

Gyanesh Kumar Tiwari

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Efficacy of Yoga and Meditation on Depression, Anxiety and Stress level of Post-menopausal Women

Dr. Jigar Parikh

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Efficacy of Yoga and Meditation on Depression, Anxiety and Stress level of Post-menopausal Women

Dr. Kumud V. Solanki

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Impact of Yoga on Stress and Mental Health

Dr. Kalpana Mansub Mote

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Effect of Yoga on Occupational Stress and Job Satisfaction among Teachers

Jyoti Bhagwan Jadhav, Dr.Sujata L. Waghmare

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Impact of Prayer and Yoga on the Vigilance of Summer Camp Children

Lasika Gudhainiya

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