Cultural Values and Marital Satisfaction: Do Collectivism and Gender Role Orientation Affect Marital Satisfaction among Palestinian Couples?

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Me-Generation: The New Culture of Consumerism

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Culture and Intelligence


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Organizational Effectiveness through the Lessons of Bhagwat Gita

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Culture and Media

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Innovative Methods of Teaching for Under Graduate Students

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Women Empowerment in Indian Culture: A Review

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Culture and Emotional Development

Prabhakararao Sampathirao

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Principles of Promoting Quality in Inclusive Education

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Organizational Climate among Primary School Teachers With Respect To Gender and Management

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Personality, Language and Distractions in Society

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Organizational Culture and Work Stress among Bank Employees

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To Study the Level of Culture Based Self Esteem among Students of Saveetha Dental College & Hospital

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Dhat Syndrome: A Review of the World Literature

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Managing Organizational Changes for Overall Efficiency: A Case Study

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The Development and Implementation of a Psycho-Social and Cultural Intervention for Cross-region Brides of Rural Haryana

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Relationship between Empathy and Forgiveness with Resilience among Hindu, Muslim and Christian College Students

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Relationship between Organizational Culture and Attitude of Millennial Employees towards Homosexuality in the Hospitality Sector in India

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The Effect of Organisational Culture and Psychological Capital on Job Stress

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Scope of Education among Tribal Children in Telangana

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