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| Published: September 25, 2016

Role of Psychology in Mental Health


Research scholar, Department of Psychology, M.D.U. Rohtak, India Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.083/20160304

DOI: 10.25215/0304.083


Mental health describe our social, emotional, and psychological states, all wrapped up into one. Someone who experiences “good” mental health, therefore, has found a balance in his or her social, emotional, and psychological areas of life. Term “behavioral health” is being used incorrectly refer to mental illness. We explore the nature of psychology. We outline the different schools of thought and method of inquiry in psychology. Psychologists provide vital mental and behavioral health services in primary care. They identify and modify behaviors to promote individuals’ health and wellness across the lifespan. A significant and growing number of psychologists (e.g., in such areas as health, clinical, counseling, family, and rehabilitation psychology) provide inter professional, team-based care in pediatric, adult, and family-oriented primary care settings in both the public and private sectors. This paper tries to highlight the role of psychology in mental health and practically utilities of psychology in present scenario of mental health.
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DIP: 18.01.083/20160304

DOI: 10.25215/0304.083

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Published in   Volume 03, Issue 4, July-September, 2016

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