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| Published: December 25, 2015

How Anxiety and Depression can affect the Perceptual Process of Human Life. Exploring Human Values with Nature as a Secure Base and Focussing On Healthy Life with Yoga and Meditation (An Empirical View of Himalayan Region)

T. Shantha Kumar

M.E CSE, M.Sc (Applied Psychology), PGD (Counseling Psychology). Asst. Professor, Dept of CSE, Alpha College of Engineering, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.146/20150301

DOI: 10.25215/0301.146


The present study is an attempt to find out whether Yoga Intervention has any effect on State and Trait Anxiety and also on the Subjective well-being. What we have tried to express in this paper includes the nature of anxiety, depression and perception separately and through that we have explained that anxiety can be considered an important component in perceptual process, though it has always been believed as a psychological and neurological problem.
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DIP: 18.01.146/20150301

DOI: 10.25215/0301.146

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Published in   Volume 03, Issue 1, October-December, 2015

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