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Intelligence Improvement and Intellect Enrichment by Seven Effective Thinking Patterns (SETP) Tool PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Arvinder Singh (CEO & CMD, Rahat Hospital, Udaipur )

DIP: C03160V3I12015



Intelligence and intellect are the most desirable traits to be improved and various scientists and psychologists are always striving to enrich these. Various methods have been proposed and tested. In most modern researches by the Seven Effective Thinking Patterns (SETP) tool designed and developed by Dr. Arvinder Singh is tested for intelligence enhancement. Guilford Model of Intelligence was tested for intelligence on evaluation and divergent production. The sample comprises of 80 adults randomly selected from colleges, entrepreneur and corporate employees. . The selected parameters for evaluation were i) Number of Alternatives ii) Relevant Alternatives iii) Root Cause Analysis iv) Approach to Data Collection. Pre and Post training scores were evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10.

The number of alternatives during pre-training situation was 4.25±1.036 while for Post-training situation it was 7.46±1.212 with increase of 75.5%. The score on relevant alternatives during pre-training situation was 2.56±1.133 while for Post-training situation it was 6.81±1.212. with percentage increase of 166%. The score on root cause analysis during pre-training situation was 4.55±1.013 while for Post-training situation it was 7.98±0.836 and percentage increase of 75.4%. The approach to data collection during pre-training situation was 4.64±0.988 while for Post-training situation it was 8.35±0.969 with increment of 79.9%. All above parameters reflected p value of less than 0.01 which is highly significant. It can be confidently concluded with above data and research that SETP tool is quite effective and in improving intelligence of participant on Guilford Model of Intelligence.


Keywords: Intelligence Enhancement, Root Cause Analysis, Seven Effective Thinking Patterns, SETP, Creativity, Guilford Intelligence Model.

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