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FAQs and Information (IJIP' STARRM)

Read following information carefully to be a part of 'Paper of the Year Award'.

Requirements of Nominee:

  • You must publish at least 1 Paper in upcoming Issue to enter this contest.
  • After publication you will be provided with a Link to your paper.
  • Post your Paper Link on every possible Platform like Blogs, Websites, Forums, and Social Networks etc.
  • Email your Paper Link to your Friends and Groups as much as possible.
  • Author with the Largest List of Unique Links will be declared as a Nominee of Most Popular Paper.

Most imported Requirements of Nominee:

Evolution method for Nominations

You’re Score (Only Example)

Dr. Smith (Paper: Stress and the World)



For Nominee Score

Search time: 500

5 (Search 100= 1)

Google Scholar

Viewed Score: 30

Cited: 10

3 (View 10= 1)

1000 (Cited 1= 100)

Viewed: 200

Download: 50

2 (View 100 = 1)

100 (Download 1= 2)

Open Academic Journals Index

Download: 100

300 (Download 1= 3)


Hits: 1000

2010 (Hits 1= 2) + Bonus 10 for 1000 per 1000 hits

Social Networking Sites

Facebook [Post: 5]

Twitter [Tweet: 5]

G+ [Share 5]

15 (Per post, Tweet, Share 1 = 1)

Total Score


How many Prizes?

  • Viewers will select Top 1 Author as a Winner. (Via Vote)

What will be the Prize?


  • 1st Most Popular Paper Award Certificate
  • One Publication Free of Charge (Valid for Life Time)
  • His / Her details will be published on Timeline of Winners (@ for Lifetime as a Winner.

Please follow:


© IJIP Award Jury

In case award nominee break the rules then disqualified immediately


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