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Home Special Issues Factors affecting Dissolution of Relationships among Non Resident Indians
Factors affecting Dissolution of Relationships among Non Resident Indians
Title:      Factors affecting Dissolution of Relationships among Non Resident Indians
Categories:      Special Issues
JournalID:      IJIP201625
Editor:      Praneet Kaur
ISSN:      2348-5396
Publisher:      RED'SHINE Publication. Inc
Publication date:      15 July 2016
Edition:      2016
Number of pages:      32
Language:      English
Rating:      5 
Picture:      cover

Interpersonal communication research has sufficiently emphasized relationship development and maintenance strategies; that is, how parties sustain and preserve the quality of their established relationships (Baxter, 1982). While the bulk of extant work is limited to the early stages of development and maintenance, little research has examined the dissolution stage, or more specifically, the role that culture plays in relationship dissolution.

Throughout my graduate career at San Jose State University (SJSU), I have been drawn to understand the complex relationships between culture and communication. As a person of Indian origin, I have observed an increasing number of dissolved relationships in my community over the past few years. This has been especially prominent among Indian immigrants in the United States, referred to as NRIs (Non Resident Indians). Indians are reported to have a negligible divorce rate. For example Bose (2006) reports that there are about 18 million NRIs in the United States (these include green card holders, H1-B workers and illegal immigrants) with only about 15,600 NRI divorces annually. However, the number of NRI divorces is increasing every year (Jha, 2006; Reeves & Bennett, 2004). These statistics have led me to an investigation of dissolution. What is causing the increase in the number of NRI divorces?  As I delved into the literature in this area, it was clear that the relationships between NRIs and their dissolution were not widely studied. I was drawn to investigate the causes and communication patterns that lead to dissolution of marriages within the Indian community. The goal of this project is to investigate the reasons NRIs in Silicon Valley give for dissolving intimate relationships, and to examine the cultural implications of these reasons.

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ISSN: (electronic):  2348-5396, (Print):2349-3429

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