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Home Books Assigning Meaning to Emotional Arousal and Experience
Assigning Meaning to Emotional Arousal and Experience
Title:      Assigning Meaning to Emotional Arousal and Experience
Categories:      Books
JournalID:      978-1-365-26550-1
Editor:      Prof. C.R. Mukundan
ISSN:      2455-670X
Publisher:      RED'SHINE Publication. Inc
Publication date:      July 2016
Edition:      2016
Number of pages:      35
Language:      English
Rating:      5 
Picture:      cover

Nascent emotional arousal has been considered as the driving force or fuel of life for initiation and execution of actions and responses (Mukundan 2016). The nascent emotional arousal gets labelled through cognitive processing as positive or negative emotion, which may become pleasant or distressing to the individual.  However, it is now a regular therapeutic practice to consider such cognitive labelling, which produces psychological and physiological distresses, as erroneous, and to help individuals change the related cognitive processing so that the distress and its psychophysiological consequences are removed.  This clearly indicates that the primary emotional arousal is devoid of such effects and the article makes effort to examine the nascent state of emotional arousal. It is also proposed that several ancient practices like meditation, praying, singing and listening to devotional music, and dance movements, etc. may facilitate the creation and maintenance of such nascent emotional arousal, which gives opportunity to the individual not get dragged into personally gratifying or distressing cognitive processes, and conversion of nascent emotional arousal into gratifying, or distressing emotional experiences, which may further produce traumatic psychophysiological and behavioral effects. Such nascent emotional arousal has been proposed as alternative to the concept of consciousness, which is considered a semantic fallacy.  However, almost automatic cognitive self-appraisal of emotional state leads to recognition of emotional arousal with positive or negative valences, which may facilitate or inhibit individual’s performance capabilities.  Learning to recognize the nascent emotional arousal, which one may succeed in experiencing through the practice of meditation and other methods described above, may become a valuable self-enriching practice and experience for each human being.  Human brain alone appears to have the capability to entertain such nascent emotional arousal and capability to develop methods that facilitate a larger objective vision of the happenings, or delay the development of distressing cognitive appraisal, initiated by a sensory-motor experience.


ISBN: 978-1-365-26550-1

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