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Training Wise Professional Adjustment of Teachers

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Adjustment Problems among Medical Students

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Women Professionals Need To Move towards Positive Health: A Review

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Adjustment and Social Support of Pre-University College Adolescents

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Adjustment Level of Post Graduate Science and Social Science in Relation to Their Gender

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Marital Adjustment and Depression


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Emotional Intelligence and Adjustment of Sports persons

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Disease Severity and Social Adjustment of Patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from West Bengal

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A Comparative Study of Adjustment among Day Scholars and Hostel Students

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Adjustment of Higher Secondary Students of NCR (National Capital Region)

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Measurement of Family Environment Levels among Students of Saveetha Dental College: Questionnaire Based Study

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Impact of Abuse Potential of Alcoholic and Non- alcoholic Fathers on Adjustment Pattern of Rural Adolescents

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The Study of Mental Health and Marital Adjustment of Single and Dual Employee Married Couples

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Optimism and Adjustment among Adolescent Girls of Working Mothers and Homemakers: A Comparative Study

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Adjustment and Happiness of Post Graduate Students In Relation To Loneliness

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A Study of Job-Satisfaction and Adjustment of Government and Private School Teachers

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Study of Occupational Adjustment amount Government And Non -Government School’s Teachers

Dr. Meghana R Patel


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A Psychological Study of Adjustment in Child Laborers

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Influence of Gender and Locale on Marriage Adjustment

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A Psychological Study of Adjustment among Institutionalized and Non-Institutionalized Senior Citizens

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A Correlational Study of Mental Health and Adjustment among College Students

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Mental Health and Marital Adjustment of Single and Dual Employee Married Couples

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Locus of Control, Insecurity, Lifestyle and Psychologica Adjustment: A Comparative Study of Joint and Nuclear Family of College Students

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A Study of Mental Health among High School Students

Dr. Rajani R. Senad

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A Study of Personality and Marital Adjustment among House Wives and Working Women

Chitralekha Kumari

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A Comparative Study of Adjustment Level of Government and Private School Students

Seema Khichi

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Family Adjustment, Social Adjustment and Depression in People with HIV Positive Diagnosis

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Assessment of Marital Adjustment among Spouse of Patients Diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder

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Adjustment among Elderly Retired Working and Nonworking Persons – A Comparative Study

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Adjustment among Suicide Attempters: Influence of Gender

Sowmya, H.R, Ramaswamy, C

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Marital Adjustment among Couples

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Adjustment among Khokho and Kabaddi Players of College Students

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Adjustment among High School Students

Hiral Prajapati

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Relationship between Family Environment and Adjustment among Adolescence of Delhi Region

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A Comparative Study of Life Satisfaction and Marital Adjustment of Employed and Unemployed Married Women

Priyanka Rajora

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Level of Anxiety and Adjustment among Hindu and Muslim College Students of Ranchi Town, Jharkhand

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Effect of Mental Health on Adolescence

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Comparative Study of Marital Adjustment and Psychological Well-Being among Dual Career Couples

Sheetal Khatri , Dr. Manju

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