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This was decided after an extensive review of various programs, potential contributors, and academic curriculum. Interestingly, we found that the most frequently identified area of interest and the most frequent academic minor for Indian majors was psychology; and in universities with an IND program, the most frequently identified minor for psychology. Additionally, a review of present criminal justice and psychology publication outlets suggested that this was a strong area.

Yes. IJIP welcomes submissions that explore the social and psychological aspects of human behavior as related to applied societal and psychological settings.

Yes.  In fact, that is IJIP’s underlying mission. This is a rigorous, peer-reviewed academic journal with an international audience. The International Journal of Indian Psychology is abstracted by a number of database services including Psychological and Sociological Abstracts. Additionally Users are able to have worldwide access full-text copies of the articles e-index in IJIP.

The decision to publish an article in any journal is a result of many factors; some of them personal, others professional.  The strong advantage to publishing in IJIP is the timeliness of the process. Any article submitted to IJIP will undergo a rigorous review process, as occurs in many other outlets.  Only those articles that meet the stringent criteria will be accepted for publication.  However, an e-journal can include all accepted manuscripts in the next available issue.  As a result, the actual time-to-publication can be substantially reduced.

Yes, The International Journal of Indian Psychology is real Indian International Journals.

You can check editorial board and published papers.

IJIP is accepted globally.

The International Journal of Indian Psychology dispatch e-volume copy of Journal and certificates within 15 to 20 days of online publication of paper. After that you can take the track id for tracking your post.

The International Journal of Indian Psychology follow blind peer review process for selecting only best quality papers. It accepts only 10-15 % quality papers.

Both of, The International Journal of Indian Psychology publishes paper online and print. Online ISSN is 2348-5396 and Print ISSN is 2349-3429.

Author can submit paper to or info.ijip@gmail.com or through following link: Submit Online Gateway

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For article submitting process charges is 100% free!. You can direct send your article without any fees.

Author can download IJIP paper format through following link: Go here

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No any page limit at the journal. We believe in author freedom policy.

Our team will email you the link of your paper after the publication.

You can check directly IF page www.ijip.in/impact-factor

Yes, every articles published with DOI, IJIP used DIP (Directory of Indexing Passport) for Digital Object Identifier, The journal registered with DOI 10.25215/0403 and DIP 18.01 numbers.

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