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Critical Appraisal on Self Concept in Conversion Disorders


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Smell as an Emotional Stimulant in Horticultural Therapy: Lessons from Activities Conducted for Orphanage Children in Bangalore

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Mental Health among Adolescents

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Media Exposure as Predictor of Childhood Obesity in Children Aged 7-12 Years in Gurgaon

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Gender Difference between Modernizations

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Psychological Interventions in Pain Management

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Nationalism as a Mental Construct: The Linguistic Basis of the Sinhala-Tamil Conflict

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Body Image Issues Faced by Adolescents in India

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A Comparative Study on Dimensions of Role Efficacy between Top and Lower Management of Universities in Rajasthan

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A Study of the Effect of Institutionalization and Spousal Bereavement on the Sense of Humor, Feeling of Alienation and Existential Regret in the Elderly

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The Relationship between coping Strategies, Perfectionism, Beliefs Pain and the Chronic Pain after Controlling the Age Effects in Firefighters

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Significance of Colour Usage in Cognitive Mind Maps to Enhance Academic Achievement

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To Study the Gender Difference in Career Maturity-Competence of Parentally Accepted & Rejected Students In Relation To Management of Schools

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Cross Cultural Variations in Adult Female Perceived and Ideal Body Image

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Gender Differences in Usage of Social Networking Sites and Perceived Online Social Support on Psychological Well Being of Youth

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Memory in Old Age: Current Scenario in India

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Stress Management among Adolescents

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A Comparison between Personality Traits and Defense Styles in Teenagers with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder and Normal Individuals

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Psychological Dimension of HIV/AIDS and Recent Advances in Its Management

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A Study of Positive Psychological Capital on Employee Engagement on a Defence Establishment of India

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Cognitive Styles as Predictors of Managerial Effectiveness: A Study of Private Sector Managers from Manufacturing Industries

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Reducing Sexism among Teenagers through a Gender-Sensitization Module

Sanika Autade, Sairaj Patki

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Shukla Marital Coping Scale (SMCS): Development of a Measure to Assess Unmarried Adolescent’s Perception about Level of Adjustment after Marriage

Dr. Anshu Shukla, Dr. Sangita Deodiya, Dr T.B. Singh

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Mental Health Issues in Institutionalized Adolescent Orphans

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Nurturing Invulnerability in Disadvantaged Children

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Compare the Cognitive Abilities and Subjective Well-Being of Elderly Living With Families and Old Age Homes

Jyotsana Maurya, Dr. Kiran U.V

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Gender and Age Dimensions of Occupational Stress and Dissociative Features among IT Professionals

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A Brief Account of Abstract and Concrete Elements of Language

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A Study of the Attitude of Senior Secondary Students of Baghpat (U.P.) Towards English as a Medium of Instruction

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The Study on Gender Bias among Adult and Middle Aged Women

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Mapping the Relation between Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness at Workplace: An Overview

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Prolonged Deprivation Profiles of three Groups: A study in a Border Village of Cooch Behar, West Bengal

Sudipta Kumar Behera , Ratna Dhar, Dipak K. Adak

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A Study of Adjustment of Rural and Urban Parents of Children with Mentally Retarded

Dr. S.P. Melkeri, Mr. Shivalingaiah. M

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Decision Making Styles and Stress Coping Strategies among Alochol Addicts

Parameswari. J

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Stress among Early and Late Entrants in Medical Education

Prof. Indu Bansal, Pooja Pundir

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Study on Level of Depression among Elderly Residing in an Old Age Home in Hyderabad, Telangana

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Adult Sibling Relationship in Indian Families: A Study on Middle-Aged Adults

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The Psychic Alternation Theory (PAT) – Model of Life Stage Crises in general and Mid-life Crisis in Particular

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Comparison of Management of Depression in Different Age Groups: A Clinical Study

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Anxiety among Youth and its Management through Yoga

Dr. Aparna Ashtaputre- Sisode

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Extent of Usage of Social Network Sites (SNSS) By Adolescents Studying Professional and Non Professional Courses

Amruta Malatesh Gonal, Dr. L. Umadevi

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A Study of Adjustment of Students At +2 Stages in Relation to their Academic Achievement

Dr. Dipti Choudhury

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A Study of English Verbal Ability of School Students of Gujarat State with Respect To Gender, Age and Area

Dr Sanjay Gupta, Sudhir Kumar Yadav

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Body Weight Effect on Body Image among Gym Users and Non-Gym Users

Vidhi Khanna, Ekant Sharma, Shashvat Chauhan, Pragyendu, Sonal D. Parmar, Minakshi D. Desai

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Employee Motivation: A Constant Challenge

Ms. Namrata Shah

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Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Management of Anxiety

Lalit Pratap Singh, Dr. Shikha Srivastava

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Application of Psycho-Social Management in Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Clinical Case Perspective

Shilpi Aggarwal, Prashant Srivastava

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The Effect of Age on Uniqueness, Simplicity and Aliveness among Old Age People

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Body Image Perceptions and Its Correlation with Self Esteem of Adolescents Studying In Engineering Colleges of Hyderabad

V. Divya, Dr. K. Mayuri

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Body Image Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction in HIV/AIDS Patients

Pankaj Jain, Gyanesh Kumar Tiwari

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Effects of Age and Educational Stream on Coping Behavior of Girls

Dr. Santosh Kumar Gupta, Anushree Jain

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The Role of Body Image, Negative Emotions and Sexual Schema Factors In Predicting Sexual Dysfunction in Women with Breast Cancer

Fatemeh Sorouri, Hamid Yaghubi, Farhad Taremian

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Linkages of Organ/Tissue Donation and Transplantation with “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”- Indian Stories

Reeta Dar

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Spiritual Well-Being and Depression among Middle Aged People

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Analysis of the Relationship between Social Phobia and Creative Thinking and Problem Solving of the Teenage Girls

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The Role of Cognitive Factors in Old Age Balance Impairments

Priyanka Yadav

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Parent-Child Relationship of Teenagers

Rajanibala N. Patel

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Relationship between Caretakers Variable on Age and Coping Strategies of Caretakers Attending To Patients with Cancer Problems

M. Sandhya Rani, Dr. Nasreenbanu

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Social Intelligence of Secondary School Teachers with Respect to Their Gender and Age

Karanam Mahaboobvali, Dr. S. Vijaya Vardhini

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Management of Mathematics Phobia among Ninth Standard Students

Pankaj Singh

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Management of Psychological Effects through Counselling During HCV (Hepatitis) Treatment

Moni Chaudhary, Dr. Mridula Sharma

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Performance of Officials and Agents of the State of Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform According to Professional Seniority and Interpersonal Relations

Yao René Yao, Saga Bernard Loba, Innocent Sylvestre Tombezoogo, Maryse Tchaboua

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Well-Being of Adult and Aged Women Facing Interpersonal Violence: A Study of Women Living In Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh

Dr. Meera Manjul

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Relationship between Spiritual Well-Being, Life Satisfaction and Depression: A Study of Middle Aged People

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Teenage Technological Addictions (TTA) - Impact On Social Skills

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ICT Tools Usage among Faculty of Education in Teaching Learning Processes

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Efficacy of Motivational Interviewing On Improving Resilience among Students with Below Average Academic Performance: A Case Study

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Marital Adjustment among Women: A Comparative Study of Nuclear and Joint Families

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Management of Mathematics Anxiety through Behaviour Technology, Super Brain Yoga and Varmalogy in Ninth Standard Students

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Perceived Psychological Resilience among the Survivors of a Tragedy in Kenya: A Theoretical Approach

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Efficacy of Gender and Age on Spirituality and Psychological Well-Being of Adults

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Behavioral Management of Pain: A Case Report

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Cultural Intelligence and Gainful Employment in Management

Dr. Soni Kewalramani, Shruti Chaubey

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The (Long) Nose doesn’t have it: Nose Length as a Factor in Salt and Pepper Passage

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A Study on Adolescent Perceptions about Technology Usage

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Spirituality as a Factor in Positive Ageing

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Impact of Age and Educational Stream on Emotional Intelligence

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Locus of Control: Influence of Internality, Externality- Others, Externality-Chance among Management Students

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Role of Psychological Predisposition on Employability of Management Students: Moderation Analysis through Soft Skills Training

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Application of Psychodrama on Conflict Management and Assertive Training

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Strengths among Contemporary Teenagers: A Comparative Study

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Mental Health of Teenagers With Relation to Their Gender

Dr. Tarlika L Zalawadia

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Self-Esteem and Coping among Children with Borderline Intelligence and Average Intelligence

Dr. Hosamani Marilingappa

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Living with Difference: Experiences of Adolescents Subjected To Oral Facial Cleft Repair

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Lived Experience of Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis: Quality of Life Perspective

Mrs. Rohini. T, Dr. Punitha. V. Ezhilarasu

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Job Satisfaction among Primary School Teachers With Respect To Age, Gender and Experience

Kurakula Venkatesh

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Investigation of the Relationship between Achievement Motivation and Parental Encouragement of Adolescent Girls in District Anantnag

Hilal Bashir, Saima Majeed

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Role of Psychoeducation on Self- Management of Type 1 Diabetes in Adolescents - A Review

Sanjana Malhotra, Sherin P. Antony

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Health and Nutritional Status of Orphan Children’s Living in Orphanages with Special Reference to District Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir

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Conception of Ageing: Perspective of the Young and the Elderly

Ms. Tanya Sharma

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Management of Problems of Dyslexic Children through Ayurveda

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The Efficacy of Training Stress-Management by Cognitive-Behavioral Method in Decreasing Stress Symptoms of Women Suffering From Breast Cancer

Masoumeh Sattarzade Nikjeh

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The Relationship between Resiliency Index and Instability of the Marriage in Women: A Correlational Design

Nazanin Mahdinia, Shokoh Navabi Nezhad

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Developing Effective English Language Teaching Strategies for Non-Native English Speaking Dyslexic Students

Dr. Rishi Mishra, Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Shah

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An Analytical Study of Evaluating Basic Skill Criteria for Becoming Counsellors in Indian School

Dr. Varsha Goyal, Mr. Yatish Goyal

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Effectiveness of Guided Imagery in Reducing Examination Anxiety among Secondary School Students in South India

Suganya Panneerselvam, Pitchaimani Govindharaj

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Does Your Career Affect Your Child’s Smile?- Effects of Age and Maternal Employment on Aggression in Adolescents

Dr. Nidhi Gandhi

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Marital Adjustment and Depression


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Effect of Relaxation Techniques on Management of Stress among Housewives

Moon Banerjee

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Evaluation of Validity and Standardization in the Wechsler Computer Memory Package in Iranian Students

Maryam Afsar

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Organizational Climate among Primary School Teachers With Respect To Gender and Management

Dr. M. Ravi Babu, Kurakula Venkatesh

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Psychological Training: Effect of Cognitive Stereotypes of Interpersonal Relations in the Sphere of Family Relations and Business Communication

Sumovskaya Elena Josephovna

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Use of Scaffolds to Manage the Cognitive Load Experienced By Student Teachers in an Online Training Package on Problem Based Learning Strategy (PBLS)

Ms. Vaishali Manoj Sawant

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Marital Adjustment among Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage Couples

Mohd Shoaib Mir, Mohammad Amin Wani, Dr. R. Sankar

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Loneliness & Depression among Old Aged People

Dr. Farhat Jabin

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Counselling Skills and Social Work Practice

Shabbeer Ahmed

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Correlation of Emotional Intelligence with Conflict Management Styles in IT based Organization

Goodwill Khokhar, William Selvamurthy

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Role of Self-Concept and Emotional Maturity in Excessive Internet Usage

Arati Visala J., Ms. Vaishali Rawat

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A Review of Emotional Intelligence on Self Esteem: It’s Impact on Adolescents Stage

Ms. Rajni, Dr. S. P. Singh

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Management of English Language Anxiety through Behaviour Modification Techniques of High School Students

Ganesan, Rajesh, Kulkarni, Mukund

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A Study of Institution Related Problems Encountered By Students at Higher Secondary Stage In Relation To Teacher, Peer Group and Management

Dr. Dipti Choudhury

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Gender and Age Related Differences in Anxiety about Aging

Dr. Rashmi Saxena, Prof Archana Shukla

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Personality, Language and Distractions in Society

Akhilesh Pathak

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A Retrospective Study of the Autism Spectrum Disease (ASD): A Review of Literature and Management Techniques of ASD

Rajkishor Chaudhary, Gaukaran Janghel

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Aged People’s Tolerance Level and Loneliness

Mst. Sabiha Sultana, Biplob Kumar Dey, Abdur Rahman, Md. Humayun Hossein

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Factors Influencing Second Language Learning Among Urban European Language Learners: A Qualitative Study

B. Poornima, Harini Jayaraman, Dr. Arun Kumar. A

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Uni-Representational Vs. Cross-Representational Difference in Imagery Formation: Verification of Dual Coding Theory

Anwesha Chakrabarti, Dr. Amrita Panda, Prof. Mallika Banerjee

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Reading Habits among Student Teachers In Relation To Their Age, Gender and Management

Dr. M. Ravi Babu, Poosapati Durgaiah

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A Case Study Using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy- Management of ADHD

Thyagarajan R

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A Study of Depression among Elderly As Affected By Their Gender and Residential Locale: Age Developmental Analysis

Dr. Dev Ashish, Prof Aradhana Shukla

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Understanding the Role of Mirror Neurons in Learning Language: A Review of Studies

Dr. Rishi Mishra, Ashwani Mohan

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Effect of Language Switching On the Response Latency in the Cued Picture-Naming Paradigm among Hindi Dominant and Balanced Bilinguals

Mishra K. A, Asthana, H. S., Singh, I. L.

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Creativity in Children: The Role of Child Abuse, Socio-Economic Status and Age

Abhay Pratap Singh

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Comparative Study of Family Pathology Based On Old-Age Habitants & Family Habitants

Himani Bhasin

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Teacher’s in the Global Age: Diverse Roles

Dr. M. Ravi Babu

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A Study on Effectiveness of Stress Management Programme among Physical Education Teachers

Dr Abhishek Chowdhery, Dr Jaydeep Nandi

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Menstrual Cycle Pattern among Adolescent School Girls in Chhattisgarh

Priyamvada Srivastava, Aniksha Varoda, Reeta Venugopal

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Promoting usage of ICT in Open and Distance Education Programs

Dr. G. Vasudevaiah

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Attitude towards Marriage and Life Satisfaction among Mid Adults

Shefali S K, Navya Shree G C

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The Role of Educator & Parents in Management of Academic & Examination Stress of Student's

Arun Kumar, Dr. Punam Midha

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The Impact of Personal Characteristics on Innovative Work Behaviour: An Exploration into Innovation and Its Determinants amongst Teachers

Kanan Deep Kaur, Dr. Vibhuti Gupta

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Job Stress of Industrial Employees with Reference to Gender and Age Factor

Tarlika L Zalawadia

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Occupational Stress: A Comparative Study of Sahayak Police and Permanent Police Employees

Dr. Savitaben Vaghela, Dr. Jitubhai R. Khaniya

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Perceived Economic Adequacy and its Relation with Personality and Mental Health among Late Teenagers

Bedarkar Pritamkumar Chandrakant

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Influence of Gender and Locale on Marriage Adjustment

Amol Appaso Kamble, Sangita Ramchandra Jagtap

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Do Defense Mechanisms Change With Age? A Study of Age Variations and Further Explorations of Defense Mechanisms

Shreya Sheth

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A Study of Mental Health among Old People Living In Old Age Home and Within Family Set-Up

Jani Sharad

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Managing Organizational Changes for Overall Efficiency: A Case Study

Dr. B. S. Parimal, Sanjiv Deshpande

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Study of Work Family Conflict in Female Professionals as Related with Age

Dr. Preeti Mathur, Meenakshi Sidhawat

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Marital Adjustment among Couples

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Measuring, Assessing and Ranking Preferential Domain Interest of Engineering Aspirants in Goa across 100 Engineering Streams using Brain Checker Engineering Sorter Test

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A Psychological Approach to Language Teaching

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