Need of Sex Education to Empower Teenage Girls

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Role Of Teacher For Peace Education

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Integrating Research and Education through Quantitative Techniques

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Concept Development and level of Social Maturity of Visually Handicapped Children in Integrated and Residential Settings

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Relationship between Knowledge, Attitudes, Concerns and Competency Skills of Regular Teachers about Inclusive Education

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Review and Clarification of Methods of Sexual Education Based On Islamic Perspective

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Happiness as Correlate of Positive Education among Teachers and Students

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Key approaches of Education for Rural Transformation

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Opinion of Educational Functionaries towards the Functioning of Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA)

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Self Efficacy and Academic Achievement among Female Engineering Students Studying In Single Sex and Co-Education Institutes

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Gender Difference between Modernizations

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Adversity Quotient for Prospective Higher Education

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Barriers of Education in Kharwar Tribes

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Attitude of Prospective Teachers towards Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities In Relation To Gender and Academic Stream

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Use of ICT in Teacher Education

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Women’s Education and Mother Child Relationship

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Type of Education, Locus of Control and Optimistic - Pessimistic Attitude among Undergraduate College Students

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Student Learning Support & Technology in Distance Learning

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“To Talk or Not To Talk”: Parents Perspectives on Sex Education

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Analyzing the Effectiveness of Caliber Intelligence Quotient Test (CIQT) In Evaluating Intelligence Quotient in English Medium & Vernacular Medium Schools in Gujarat & Maharashtra

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Impact of Societal and Cultural Beliefs on Inclusive Special Education Practices in the Indian Context

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Career Education - Important Factor in Socio-Professional Integration

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Educational and Occupational Aspiration In Relation To School Environment of the Secondary School Students of South Kamrup Area of Assam- A Study

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The Future of Teleteaching in Teacher Education

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Self-Diagnosis in Psychology Students

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Perception of Students towards Institute

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Impact of Physical Education and Sports in Promoting Social Values among Youth

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Survey of Teacher's Views on Teaching Evaluation Method: An Implication for Education

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A Review on Indian Women in Last Century

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ICT Tools Usage among Faculty of Education in Teaching Learning Processes

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Positive Influence of the Multimedia in Primary Education

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Inclusive Education: Challenges & Practices

Md. Amzad

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Promulgation of RTE-Act among Disabled Children

Krishna Mohan P, Dr. M. Ravi Babu

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Mantle of Teacher Educators in the Inculcation of Values among Prospective Teachers

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Ethical Indian Education System- A Need of the Nation

Shelly Bhagat

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Comparison of Educational Facilities of Mentally Challenged Children of Special School and Government School in Kolkata

Phalguni Bhattacharya

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Career Decision Self Efficacy and Psychological Distress in Non-Formal Education Students

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Frustration Level of High School Students among Their Gender

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Psycho-Analytical Investigation of Stress among Students of Higher Technical Education in India: A Case Study

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Impact of Age and Educational Stream on Emotional Intelligence

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Relationship between Caretakers Variable on Education and Coping Strategies of Caretakers Attending to Patients with Cancer Problems

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Family Involvement in Child Education and the Family-School Relationship in Romania

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Attitudes toward Inclusive Education among School Teachers: A Comparative Study

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Brain’s Hemisphere Lateralization and Learning Styles in Engineering Education

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Story Telling as a Method of Health Education

Prabhakararao Sampathirao

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Self-Concept among Adolescents of Mixed Sex and Single Sex Education Schools

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Two Year Duration of B.Ed. and M.Ed. Courses: Constrains and Expected Solutions

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Role of Psychoeducation on Self- Management of Type 1 Diabetes in Adolescents - A Review

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The Relation between Morality and Organizational Commitment of the Teachers with the Training Quality Level of Students in the City of Tehran Girls' Secondary Schools

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A Comparative Study of Punishment in Buddhist and Western Educational Psychology

Wickrama Kankanamge Don Keerthirathne

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Academic Performance as a Function of Level of Aspiration & Gender – A Comparative Study amongst Different Streams of Education

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Effect of Education on Quality of Life and Well Being

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Principles of Promoting Quality in Inclusive Education

M. Ramakrishna Reddy

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Religious Commitment and Paranormal Beliefs across Gender and Educational Stream

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A Comparative Study to See the Impact of Yoga on Educational Aspiration (EA) and Test Anxiety (TA) among College Going Girls

Patelia Shraddha, Dr Rathi Nanda

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Continuous Assessment Based On Academic Achievement

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Job Satisfaction: A Comparative Analysis of Private and Public Sector Teachers of District West Bengal, India

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Understanding Jigsaw Cooperative Learning: Influence on Scholastic Achievement and Learning Experiences of Students in Mathematics Education

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Meritocracy in Education: An Implicit Theory Perspective

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Content Analysis of the Civics Textbook in Iran and Providing a Theoretical Framework for the Appropriate Criteria of Determining Content according to the Teachers and Authors’ View

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Relevance of Educational Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore in Modern India

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Theories of Career Development: Educational and Counseling Implications

Preeti Sharma

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Redefining the Role of Teachers in the Digital Era

Dr Jayendrakumar N. Amin

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Mental Health among Rural High School Students Tiruchirappalli Educational District

Muthusamim. M

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Adjustment of Higher Secondary Students of NCR (National Capital Region)

Dr. Ekta Chauhan

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Educational Status of Women in Jammu and Kashmir with Special Reference to Rural Areas

Showkat Ahmad Bhat, Aashaq Hussain Bhat, Dr. P. Chinnathurai

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Psychological Causes of Residential and Day Scholar School Dropout

Dr. Deepak Pandey

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A Comparative Study of Personal Values of Male and Female Secondary Teachers of Rewari District

Goldy Gupta

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Parents Attitude toward Education among Muslim

Dr. Huma Hilal

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Quality Higher Education: A Need for Sustainable Development

Himanshu Tripathi

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Student Support Services in Higher Education: A Student Perspective

Sukhdeep Kaur

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Building Socio-Moral Behaviour in Romanian Middle-School Education

Lupu Costică

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Effect of Environmental Education on the Attitude of College Students

Shruti Dutt, Dr. Preet Kumari

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Teacher’s in the Global Age: Diverse Roles

Dr. M. Ravi Babu

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A Study on Effectiveness of Stress Management Programme among Physical Education Teachers

Dr Abhishek Chowdhery, Dr Jaydeep Nandi

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Adolescent Empowerment through Life Skills Education

Mr. Sulfikar C

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Issues, Problems and Possibilities of Life Skills Education for School Going Adolescents

Prof. C. G. Venkatesha Murthy

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Promoting usage of ICT in Open and Distance Education Programs

Dr. G. Vasudevaiah

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Use of ICT in Higher Education

Dr. Md. Mahmood Alam

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Anxiety of Pregnant Woman in Relation to Education and Involvement in Tapovan Research Center of Children’s University

Dr. A. N. Prajapati, Pushpa V. Raval

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Futures under Construction: Workforce Development and Retention for Educating Children of Migrant Construction Workers in India

Ms. Vrishali Pispati, Ms. Asmita Naik Africawala, Ms. Frahinsa Pinto

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A Study on Lifestyle among Gender Education and Religions

Vikas K. Rohit, Prof. (Dr) Suresh M. Makvana

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Concept and Assumptions of Andragogy: A Critical Review

Shirish K. Shitole

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Awareness about Mental Retardation among B. Ed. Students

Dr. Vinod Kumar Kalra, Poonam Bala

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Self-Concept among Students of Informal and Formal Educational System

V. R. Shinde, P. S. Warkhede

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Education: Personality & Mental Health

Rupali Chandola

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Inclusive Education in India

Dr. Aruna, Kuldeep Singh, Mangi Lal

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Sex-Education & Counseling: Effective Prevention & Management Tools for HIV/AIDS

Vishal Parmar, Aastha Dhingra

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Effectiveness of Implementation of Inclusive Education for Visually Challenged Children under Various Modes in Jodhpur City

Ravi Shrivastava

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Need for Empowering the Caregivers of the Elderly through Educational Intervention and Counselling

Meha Mathur, Dr. Meenakshi Mathur

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Perceived Stressors as Determinants of Quality of Life among the Undergraduates in Medical Education

Sandhya Cherkil, Seby J Gardens, Deepak KS

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Impact of Geographical Locale and Education on the Awareness towards HIV/AIDS among Adolescents

Urvashi Singh, Shalini Singh, Urvashi Singh

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Amalgamation of Education and Natural Learning Style Impacts Cognitive Development and Academic Achievement among 16 Year Old Students

Shruti Marwaha, A. K. Sinha, Ramesh Sahani

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A Study on Job Satisfaction among Government College Teachers in Jammu

Bindu Jamwal, Dr. Mohd. Zubair Kales

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Effect of Gender on Educational Aspiration and Academic Achievement Motivation of Visually Impaired Secondary Level School Students

Manish Tiwari

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A Study of Awareness of Primary School Teachers of Mehsana District towards Educational Technology

Dr. Trupti S. Upadhyay

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Effect of Gender and Medium on Educational Aspiration of Secondary Level School Students

Chetankumar N. Joshi

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Learning Readiness and Educational Achievement among School Students

Rita Dangol, Milan Shrestha

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Parental Attitude towards Pre-School Education in Context of Joint and Nuclear Family Parents

Ami Bhatt , Dr. M.D Chavda

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Effects of Parenting, Sibling Status and Pattern of Education on Suicidal Ideation in Adolescents

Puran Chandra, C. P. Khokhar

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The Effectiveness of Geriatric Physiotherapy (GPT) Intervention on the Depression of Institutionalized Elderly

Gladson Jose. L, Dr. Selvaraj. B

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A KLMN SWASTIK Model for all-Round Development of students based on Educational Psychology

Dr. J. Komalalakshmi

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Educational Corruption: It’s Impact on the Psychological Well-being of Adolescent students

Mrs. Kapila Sharma, Dr. Nivedita Paul

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Attitudes of Students towards Vocational Education with Reference to Chennai City

D. Rathidevi, Dr.M.V.Sudhakaran

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Analysis of Educational Intervention on Cognitive Abilities and Academic Achievement of 7 year old Students in Punjab and Chandigarh

Dr. Shruti Marwaha, Prof. A. K. Sinha, Dr. Ramesh Sahani

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Scope of Education among Tribal Children in Telangana

Gugolothu Rajeshwar, Prof. V. Ramachandram

DIP: 18.01.036/20190703

DOI: 10.25215/0703.036

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