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Improving the Efficiency Learning Through Adapt the Teaching Style to the Learning Style

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Comparison of Executive Functions and Difficulties in Emotional Regulation in Addicts with High and Low Borderline Personality Traits

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Emotional Intelligence as Predictor of Mental Health among Chronic Disease Group


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Culture and Emotional Development

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Effect of Media Violence on Aggression, Attitude and Emotions of Adults

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Emotional Intelligence, Anger and Coping Strategy among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

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Peer Victimization and Emotional Problems in Vietnamese Children: A Longitudinal Study

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Emotional Intelligence and Adjustment of Sports persons

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Correlation of Emotional Intelligence with Conflict Management Styles in IT based Organization

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Assess the Relation between Emotional Intelligence and Quality of Life among the Nursing Faculties

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Role of Self-Concept and Emotional Maturity in Excessive Internet Usage

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A Review of Emotional Intelligence on Self Esteem: It’s Impact on Adolescents Stage

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Role of Psychology in Mental Health


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Identification of Emotional Maturity among Traditional Dancers: As a Function of Dance Style, Gender and Residency

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Impact of Emotional Intelligence, Nature of Course and Gender on Academic Stress among College Students

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Emotional State of Diabetics - A Gender Base Analysis

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Personality, Language and Distractions in Society

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Environmental Awareness and Emotional Maturity: A Study on Secondary School Students

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Indicators of Mental and Visual Impairment, Stress Relation of Parenting with Self-Efficacy

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Gender Dysphoria “I Am A Woman Soul Trapped In Male Body”: A Case Report

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Anger, Emotional Expressivity and Psychological Well-Being in Sports Players

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Emotional Intelligence among Dental Students

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Study of Social- Emotional Learning of Girls and Its Relation to Their Father’s Occupation at Early Childhood

B Deevena Pauleen

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Application of Music as an Element in Art Therapy, on Cancer Patients, Leads to Emotional Conflict Resolution and Body Healing, with an Insight into Sufi Music, Ancient Music Therapies, their Healing History as Well as Properties

Spriha Mukherjee

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A Study of Teacher Effectiveness of Secondary School Student In Relation To Their Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Stability among Annamalai University Students

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Birth Order Significantly Affects the Mental Health Emotionally As Well As Psychologically

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A Study of Emotional Intelligence, Experienced Bullying and Psychological Well-Being among Secondary School Students from Boarding Schools

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Emotional Intelligence, Social Support and General Well-Being of Working and Non-Working Muslim Women

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Emotional Intelligence and Psychopathology in Schizophrenia

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Perception of Fathers Rejection in Adolescents

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Study of Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment with Job Satisfaction of Staff of Ebne Sina Hospital by Using the NEO Personality Inventory

Marjan Mohammadian, Farnoosh soltanmmohamadi, Farshid ebrahimi

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Effect of Prayer Along With Meditation V/S Meditation on Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Well-Being: A Comparative Study

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Study of the Emotional Maturity Level in Students of Saveetha Dental College- A Questionnaire Based Study

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Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health of Students

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The Effect of Socio-Economic Status and Emotional Intelligence on Mental Health of Adolescents

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Effect of NSS Special Camp Activities on Emotional Intelligence and Locus of Control

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Relationship of Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health of College Students

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Relationship among Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence of College Students

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Emotional Maturity among Joint Family and Nuclear Family Children

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Correlational Study of Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence of the 11th STD students Dhule City

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A Study of Relation between Emotional Maturity and Mental Health among Youth

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A Study of Mental Health among High School Students

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Importance of Emotional Intelligence among Teachers

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Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health of College Going Students

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Parenting Relationship and Emotional Intelligence among College Students

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A Co-relational Study of Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health among MPSC Students

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Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence of Internet Users and Non-Users

Ezaz A. Shaikh, Naushin A. Shaikh

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Efficacy of Emotional Intelligence on Psychological Well-being of Doctors

Varsha Kanojia, Dr. Vimla Varma

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Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance among Bank Employees

Anil Sharma, Medhavi Sharma, Dr. Suraj Bhan Yadav

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Mental Health Symptoms Predict Academic Achievement of the Female Students

Sandeep Kumar Gujare, Gyanesh Kumar Tiwari

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Effect of Self Esteem Enhancement on Emotional Intelligence of School Students

Mrs Urvashi Dutta Shrivastava

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Liaison in Religiosity and Emotional Intelligence with a Perspective on Female High Schoolers and Undergraduates in Influencing Coping

Dr. Emilda Judith Ezhil Rajan

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Emotional Maturity and HIV/AIDS Care Awareness of Working and Non-Working Woman

Irfan Khan GulamNabi Makrani

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Creative Teaching Attitude of primary teachers with reference to Emotional Intelligence

Prof. V.S.Mundase-Gaur

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Efficacy of Yoga and Meditation on Depression, Anxiety and Stress level of Post-menopausal Women

Dr. Jigar Parikh

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The Impact of Smile on Human Interactions: A Psychological Perspective

Daniel John K.J

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Examining Dynamics of Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurial Intentions among Management and Non-management Students

Tanusree Chakraborty, Dishari Gupta

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Role of Parenting Style in Development of Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Well-Being among Adolescent

Amardip Mohan Ambhore, Dr. Parmeshwsar Abhiman Puri

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The Influence of Self-Control and Emotional Empathy on Moral Judgment on Juvenile Inmates

Rifdha Wahyuni, Latipun

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Adjustment among Elderly Retired Working and Nonworking Persons – A Comparative Study

Rekha. M. S, C. Ramaswamy

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Effect of Training Program on Emotional intelligence among Nursing Students in Selected Nursing Colleges of Maharashtra

Ms. Madhavi Ghorpade, Dr (Mrs) Prabha Dasila, Dr (Mrs) Sripriya Gopalkrishnan

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Study of Emotional Challenges in Teaching Profession

Lal, R. , Sekhri, R.

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Emotional -Focused Coping Styles in relation to Stress, Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health among Aged

M. Varalakshmi , B. S. Kumar Reddy

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Effect of Premenstrual Period on symptoms of Autism

Ms. Shreya Upadhyay, Mr. Akash Vishwakarma

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Impact of Parenting Style on Emotional Intelligence of Muslim Female Adolescent Students of Ranchi District

Shama Perween, Nazim Imam

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A Study on Schizophrenia Group: Expressed Emotion, Resilience and Social Support

Mohini Gupta, Mr. Neelabh Prajapati, Dr. Rajendra k Sharma

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A Critical Evaluation of Emotional Regulation and Suicidal Ideation on Postpartum Depression

Ms. Pallavi Solanki , Dr. Rajendra K Sharma

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The Effect of Ambivalence over Emotional Expression on Expressive Flexibility and Psychological Well-being

Shefaley Phebe K, Shweta Kadaba

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Impact of Housemaids on Social and Emotional Development of Children of Working Mothers in Lahore

Fatima Moazzam , Zara Haroon

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Socio-Emotional Cognitive Impairment- A Case Study

Ms. Garima Pareek, Dr. Gopukumar Kumarpillai

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Impact of Emotional Abuse on Self-Concept

Afreen, Shah Alam

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Excessive use of Internet and its impact on Mental Health and Emotional maturity of Adolescent Girls

Dr. Vinita Kumari Sinha

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A Comparative study on Emotional Maturity among Arts and Commerce Students

Bibi Mariam P, Dr. Akeela. P

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Impact of Internet Addiction on the Social Skills and Emotional Skills of Young Adults

N Yashwi Reddy

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Mental Health Issues of Young Females in Mumbai: Case Studies

Irawati Mahajan , Dr. Manasi Bawdekar

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Effect of Mental Health on Adolescence

Ramesh D. Waghmare

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Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction of School Teachers

Waghchoure Bhavana , Pathare Ramesh, Musale Shital

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DOI: 10.25215/0703.065

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