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To Study the Gender Difference in Career Maturity-Competence of Parentally Accepted & Rejected Students In Relation To Management of Schools

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Anger Expression: A Study on Gender Differences


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Association between Happiness and Related Psychosocial Correlates and Job Satisfaction among the Employees of Information Technology (IT) Sector: A Comparative Analysis of Gender Difference

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Study of Social Intelligence of Liberal Studies and Engineering Students

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Impact of Gender on Life Event Stress and Coping Behavior among Graduate Students

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Psychological Hardiness among College Students

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Efficacy of Gender and Religious Status on Spiritual Intelligence and Psychological Well-being of College Students

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Study of Personality among Scheduled Caste and Non-Scheduled Caste College Students

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Influence of Gender on the Personal Values of Higher Secondary Students

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Essential Evil Called Mental Health: Why Is It Important

Dr. Garima Yadav

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Effect of Gender, Economic status, Religion, Partner’s Economic Status on Interpersonal Attraction among the University Students

Md Hasibul Islam, Dr. Asoke Kumar Saha, Hamida Naz, Shirin Shila, Ummee Habiba Shithee

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Anxiety among AIDS Patients: The Role of Age, Gender and Residence

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A Study on Impact of Global Climate on Women

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Efficacy of Gender on Anxiety, Depression and Stress Level of Diabetic Patients

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Self Concept of Higher Secondary Students with Reference to their Gender

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A Comparative Study of Stress in Male and Female College Going Students

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Relationship between Empathy and Forgiveness with Resilience among Hindu, Muslim and Christian College Students

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An Investigation into Dependence of Job Happiness on Age, Gender and Marital Status

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Effect of Gender on Educational Aspiration and Academic Achievement Motivation of Visually Impaired Secondary Level School Students

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Effect of Gender and Medium on Educational Aspiration of Secondary Level School Students

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Impact of Academic Level and Gender on Superstitious Attitude among Graduate and Post-Graduate Students

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Adjustment among Suicide Attempters: Influence of Gender

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Quality of life: A Study of Transgenders

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Aggression and Gender Differences among Adolescents as Revealed by Hopelessness

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Relationship between Short- Term Memory and Gender of 18- 20 Years

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Attitudes of Students towards Vocational Education with Reference to Chennai City

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Evaluation of the Levels of Nomophobia and Academic Stress among Medical Students

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Child Abuse and Neglect: Gender Based Teachers Awareness

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A Comparative Study of Varying Depression Levels amongst People with Different Demographics and Diagnoses

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Psychological Hardiness: A Comparative Study of Males and Females

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Problematic Internet Use among Adolescents: Role of Gender and Age

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Impact of Gender and Social Support on Achievement Motivation among Adolescents

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