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Relevance of Educational Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore in Modern India

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Foreseeing a Need for Counselling Practices for Mortuary Workers

Mridula, Kirthana Ganesh

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Selected Anxiety Variables of Successful and Unsuccessful Male and Female Judo Players of All India Inter-University Level

Sajjad Ahmad Bhat, Dhananjoy Shaw

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Personality Factors as Determinants of Coping Resources among Indian Air Force Officers

Rajni Verma, Y. K. Nagle, Rachana Ghosh

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Organizational Stressors & Occupational Stress of Software Professionals in India

Dr. Gautami S., Dr. T. Anupama

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Social Axioms of Young and Old People in India: A Survey Study

Ankita Singh, Shabana Bano

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Public Awareness of Oral Cancer in Chennai, India

Dr. Upendra Babu Khatri, Nor Syakirah Binti Shahroom

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Understanding Mind through Indian Psychology

Sreeja Gangadharan P, S P K Jena

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Perceived Stress as Predictor of Psychological Well-being among Indian Youth

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A Comparative Study of Psychological Well-Being among the Working Men in Surat Industrial Area

Dr. Mukesh B. Bhatt

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Futures under Construction: Workforce Development and Retention for Educating Children of Migrant Construction Workers in India

Ms. Vrishali Pispati, Ms. Asmita Naik Africawala, Ms. Frahinsa Pinto

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A Study of Level of Aspiration & Study Habits of Arts, Commerce and Science College Student

Vikram. V. Talpada

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Rape and Victim Blaming in India

Dhruv Rawat

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Abuse against Widowhood in India

Dr. Pooja Varma

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Inclusive Education in India

Dr. Aruna, Kuldeep Singh, Mangi Lal

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‘Self’ in Indian Philosophy and Its parallel in Western Philosophy

Richa Kathuria

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Attitudes towards Marital Rape: A Cross-Cultural Study between Young Adults in the United Kingdom and India

Melba Kuriakose

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HIV/AIDS and Sex Workers in India

Ajay Chauhan

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Breaking the Barriers: A Qualitative Study of Caregivers’ Experience of First Episode Psychosis in a Town in South India

Shubrata Kalmane, Pavitra KS, Sridhara KR

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Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practices of Stress Management Strategy in Resolving Problem of the Adolescents in High School at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Ms. Shaini G.S

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Status of Women with Disabilities in India

Dr. Sitaram Pal, Bhola Vishwakarma

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An Exploration of Stress among Women Teachers Teaching at the Secondary School Level in Pulwama District of J & K. India

Syed Andleeb Andrabi, Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain Andrabi

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Increasing popularity of Biopic in Indian Cinema: An Analysis of Psychological Perspective

Aparajita Chakraborty, Susmita Halder

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Attitudes towards Depression in India: Lower Socio-Economic-Status Groups May Demonstrate Higher Tolerance

Gaurav Suri

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Extent of PUBG Addiction in South India: Influence of Select Demographic Factors

Lancy D’Souza, Samyukta, A, Michael Meshak

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Study of Prevalence of Depression in Perinatal Period in a Cohort of Pregnant Women in South India

Dr. P. Bharathi, Dr. Sushith Sugathan. C, Dr. Syed Ummer. I

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Relationship between Organizational Culture and Attitude of Millennial Employees towards Homosexuality in the Hospitality Sector in India

Karsimran Kaur, Stephen S

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Mindfulness and Self-actualization among Artists and Non-artists in India

Pahlevanzadeh E, Swathi P

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The Prevalence of Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse in Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India

Hema Sharma

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Personality among Higher Secondary School Students

Nilam D. Patel

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Self-Efficacy and Well-Being among Students: Role of Goal Meditation

Abha Singh

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A Case Study: Indian Ragas Adjunct to Floor Time Therapy for of a Child with Autism

Manasi Rani Panda, Shamsul Haque Nizamie, Preeti Pandey, Vikas Kumar

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Extent of PUBG Addiction among Indian and Tibetan Students: A Comparative Study

Lancy D’Souza , Penpa Dolma

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Identification of items for evolving an instrument for the Assessment of Internet Use in Indian Context

Thamilselvan Palanichamy, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Prabha S Chandra, K.Thennarasu

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Effect of Premenstrual Period on symptoms of Autism

Ms. Shreya Upadhyay, Mr. Akash Vishwakarma

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Neuropsychological Perspective of South Indian Folk Games - Insight

D. Santhosh, A.G. Shanthi, Dr. V. Smitha Ruckmani

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Male Representations and Transition in Masculinity: A Semiotic Analysis of Old and Modern Indian Print Advertisements

Parvender Singh Negi, Megha Mandalaparthy

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Exploring the Challenges Faced By Indian Military Wives during Spousal Deployment/ Field Area Posting

Dr. Priyanka Misra

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Measuring, Assessing and Ranking Preferential Domain Interest of Engineering Aspirants in Goa across 100 Engineering Streams using Brain Checker Engineering Sorter Test

Dr. Jignesh Prashnani, Dr. Ashwin Raje, Ms. Keya Raje

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The Checkpoints for Lateral Thinking in Enhancing the Quality of Education in India

Sonali Shenolikar , Sudharshan Hebbani

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DOI: 10.25215/0703.064

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