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To Explore the Loneliness as It Related To Personality Traits among Emerging Adults Studing Medicine

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Personality (Introvert, And Extrovert) and Professional Commitment Effect among B.Ed Teacher Educator Students

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Study of Integration of Cattellian and Zuckerman’s Models of Personality on Indian Sample

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Relationship of Parental Burnout with Parental Stress and Personality among Parents of Neonates with Hyperbilirubinemia

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Adolescent with Evolving Anxious Avoidant Personality Disorder

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Colors and Its Significance

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Exploring the Relations between Executive Functions and Personality

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Sex Behavior and Personality Characteristics: Study of Sexual Deviation and Dysfunctions on Pen Model

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Efficacy of Personality Development Program on Self-Efficacy of College Students

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Association of Personality Traits with Oral Health Status: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Effect of Achievement Motivation on Personality Traits of Students

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Type- D Personality and Burden among the Caregivers of Neurological Patients

Remita Chattopadhyay, Dr Anuradha Sharma

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Situation and Personality Effects on Smokers' Psychological Reactance

Fayçal Boukamcha

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Big Five Personality Factors as Predictors of Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Complex Interplay

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Revisiting the Personality Traits and Dimensions within the Frame Work of Vedic Science

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Eye Colour: A Physical Trait Correlates with Personality & Mental Health

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Exploring the Effect of Songs of Various Genres on Young Adults’ Thoughts, Feelings and Actions

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A Study of Early Schooling Children on Personality Factors

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Career Choice Vis – A – Vis Personality Factors, Parental and Social Influence and Monthly Income of the Family – A Study

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Psychological Predictors of Obesity

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Personality, Language and Distractions in Society

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Evaluate the Effectiveness of ECT in Borderline Personality Disorder Resistant To Treatment

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Psychological Interpretation, Based On Statistical Analysis of Impact of Music on Rural and Urban People When Their Music Inclination Collides With Personality and Vice Versa: Comparative Study

Dr. Shveata Misra, Prof. Ina Shastri

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Personality Factors as Determinants of Coping Resources among Indian Air Force Officers

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Type A Personality- A Questionnaire Based Study

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Perceived Parenting Styles and Personality Factors - A Study

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Type of Personalities among Individuals of Saveetha Dental College

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Personality Difference between Psychotics & Neurotics: A Clinical Analysis

Rupali Chandola

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Study of Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment with Job Satisfaction of Staff of Ebne Sina Hospital by Using the NEO Personality Inventory

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The Relation between Personality Characteristics and Self-Efficacy and Successful and Unsuccessful Aging

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Personality Correlates of Optimism among Couples

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Perceived Economic Adequacy and its Relation with Personality and Mental Health among Late Teenagers

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A Study of Personality and Marital Adjustment among House Wives and Working Women

Chitralekha Kumari

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Analysis of Psychological Distress and Personality for Psychological Well-Being Mental Health of Post Graduate in Fine and Non-Fine Art Courses

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Study of Personality among Scheduled Caste and Non-Scheduled Caste College Students

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Personality Factors of Drug and Non-Drug Abusers in Kashmiri Youth

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Education: Personality & Mental Health

Rupali Chandola

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The Relation between Work Stress and Personality of Police Personnel

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Comparison of PVQ between Extrovert Rural and Urban Females

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Mental Health Problems of Parents with Intellectually Disabled Child

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Personality Correlates of Academically Deprived Children

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Social Well-being with Respect to Agreeableness in Banking Professionals

Piyushkumar Dholariya

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Neurotic Personality as a Moderator Variable between Perceived Stress and Life Satisfaction in Vocational High School Students

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An Analytical Cross-Sectional Study to Determine the Association between Personality Profile and Mobile Phone Usage Pattern among Students Ranging From 16-20 Years

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Measurement in Psychology: Assumptions, Ideology and Alternatives

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Social Anxiety: A Comparative Study

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