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| Published: March 25, 2015

A Comparative Study Job Satisfaction among the Working Men in Industrial Area

Dr. Bhartiben Vyas

Associate Professor, (Psychology), M. T. B. Arts college, Surat Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.013/20140202

DOI: 10.25215/0202.013


The present study is an attempt to measure overall job satisfaction of industrial workers, to identify some determinants of job satisfaction, and to evaluate the perceived importance of job facets to their overall job satisfaction. The term job satisfaction refers to favorable or unfavorable feelings and emotion of the employees towards their own work. It refers to the satisfaction of the employee in his own profession. Job satisfaction is the result of various attitudes possessed by an employee towards his job. These attitudes may be related to job factors such as wage, job security, job environment, nature of work, opportunity for promotion, prompt removal of grievance, opportunity for participation in decision making and other fringe benefits. Life is itself a process of adjustment. If anyone wants satisfaction in life, then they have to adjust with their environment. The total sample consisted of 240 men from different industrial Area in south Gujarat. The sample was selected from randomly.  Job satisfaction scale  By Brefild Roth (Gujarati Format By Parikh) developed were used for data collection. 2×3×2 factorial design was used.

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Published in   Volume 02, Issue 2, January-March, 2015