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| Published: June 25, 2016

A Study of Early Schooling Children on Personality Factors

Dr. Bobinder

Lecturer-Shri Sai Mahavidyalya, Fatehpur Putthi (Baghpat) Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.023/20160303

DOI: 10.25215/0303.023


The objective of this study was to measures of personality factors of children. Total sample consisted of 320 subjects (160 rural & 160 urban children) were selected from the district of Baghpat (U.P.). A 2x2x2 factorial design was used. In each group of 160 subjects were 80 male and female early schooling and proper schooling. Early School Personality Questionnaire (E.S.P.Q.) was administered. There are two version of the tool i.e., English and Hindi, but here use only Hindi version standardized in Indian condition on population. E.S.P.Q. measure objectivity 13 primary personality dimensions as the child begins his school years. It is meant for the age group from 6 to 8 years. The result show that the time of schooling significantly affects the reserved/ outgoing personality factors of children. Subjects of early schooling has high mean score of factors A, while the subjects of proper schooling age has low mean scores. They were reserved detached, critical and cool.

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DIP: 18.01.023/20160303

DOI: 10.25215/0303.023

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Published in   Volume 03, Issue 3, April-June, 2016

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