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| Published: November 13, 2021

Aggression, Conflict & Expressiveness among Adults


DOI: 10.25215/0904.031


The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between the Aggression, conflict and Expressiveness among adults. Aggression, as a behavioural phenomenon indicates that aggressive behaviour may get from learned habits of replying as well as from extreme frustration. It may be expressed in terms of frustration, quarrelling, and aggressive, disrespect to elders, negative reactions to traditions and views and so on. Conflict is also a main part of frustration, which means, direct and conscious struggle between individuals or groups for the same goal. Expressiveness on the other hand, the term is used to denote behaviour of persons in groups in which emotional preferences are expressed, such as liking and disliking, or where friendly or unfriendly remarks are made. In this study we investigated the positive relation between the aggression, conflict and expressiveness among adults (age-18 to 35). Tests used to major Aggression, Conflict, Expressiveness are Family Environment Test by Bhatia and Chadda and Reaction to Frustration Scale by Dixit and Shrivastava. (N=191) males and females (118 females and 73 males) filled the Google form test provided to them via social media, because of this current situation of covid-19 it wasn’t possible to take test in physical format. The results were showed that the relationship between aggression, conflict, expressiveness is positively correlated with each other and it supports the hypothesis of the paper i.e., Aggression would be positively related with conflict among adults or Aggression would be positively related with expressiveness among adults.

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Published in   Volume 09, Issue 4, October- December, 2021