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| Published: March 31, 2019

An Investigation into Dependence of Job Happiness on Age, Gender and Marital Status

Ms. Poonam H Sharma

Doctoral Student, Dept. of Gujarat University, Gujarat, India Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.104/20190701

DOI: 10.25215/0701.104


Happiness at work is a constituent for success for both the organizations as well for the individuals. Hence happiness is a key business driver at work.  We all have some kind of physical, emotional and spiritual need which an individual looks forward to attain in order to feel happiness in his/her life at both the workplace and home. It depends on internal as well as external sources that prevail in an individual’s life. Employees, especially of this generation, no longer view work merely as a means of remuneration. They are searching for work that is interesting, meaningful and yes, which makes them feel happy. Happiness is a central criterion of mental health and has been found to be associated with numerous tangible benefits, such as enhanced physical health, reduced psychopathology, superior coping skills and even longer life. This study is aimed to investigate the Job happiness levels of employees working in different organizational sectors. It also identifies the factors responsible for happiness in the workforce. A total sample of 100 employees from different organizations was chosen for the research study. Males and females are equally included in the sample size. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select samples from the population. Data collection was done through a use of a questionnaire and personal interviews. Karl Pearson’s correlation was used to analyze the data collected. The study clearly reveals a direct relation between happiness and job satisfaction and higher the satisfaction level higher is the performance. On comparing the factors of happiness with variables (Age, Gender and Marital Status), concluding aspects were common between many employees.

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Published in   Volume 07, Issue 1, January-March, 2019