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| Published: June 03, 2021

Effect of Parenting Style on Prosocial Behavior of Adolescents

Zakira Habibi

Student, Dept. of Psychology, Manav Rachna International of Institute of Research and Studies, New Delhi, India Google Scholar More about the auther


DOI: 10.25215/0902.132


Adolescence is a stage where both negative and positive behaviors emerge. Prosocial habits, on the other hand, are beneficial behaviors that become more prevalent in adolescents. Several family attributes have been linked to the growth for Prosocial as well as antisocial behavior between adolescents. The goal of Prosocial behavior would be to form supportive, compassionate, collaborative, and socially conscious relationships in order to support others. Prosocial behavior nurtures optimistic characteristics that benefit both adolescents and society. Present research looked to determine the connection among parenting style & Prosocial behaviour. Methods and Materials: The present research is a quantitative, descriptive, relational in nature. T-test had been used to determine the disparity between girls and boys in terms of Prosocial activity. The study was conducted to check parenting style and its types and understanding the effect of parenting style on adolescent’s Prosocial behavior. The study’s sample size was 162, with 81 parents including 81 adolescents aged 13 to 19 participants. Simple Random sampling technique was adopted. The study adopted normative survey method. Data was collected through questionnaires, an online survey via Google forms. The population of the study was parents and adolescents in the state of Delhi. The tools used for collecting data were PAQ-R the PS (Arnold et al., 1993) 30 items-five-point rating scale on parenting style and its types and Inventory of Strengths Scale (Peterson & Seligman, et al 2004) 18 items-five-point rating scale on Adolescents Prosocial Behavior. Result: Study findings revealed that there is a significant correlation between parenting style & Prosocial behavior (r=0.739, p <0.001). Conclusion: There has been no question that parenting style and adolescent’s Prosocial behavior offer insight into how humans, especially parents, influence behaviour. Parenting style has direct impact on children’s Prosocial behavior. To get the best results, counsellors, mental health providers, & professors must empower parents to fully engage in their children’s large variety of Prosocial behaviour programs.

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