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| Published: December 20, 2021

Effect of Procrastination on Problem Solving in Young Adults


DOI: 10.25215/0904.134


Procrastination and Problem Solving are the terms which every individual experience and practice on regular basis. Procrastination has been defined as a repeated failure to perform actions necessary to reach one’s goal and a voluntary delay in an intended action course. All people tend to procrastinate sometimes but many of them do it on regular basis in varied situations, hence are called procrastinators. Problem Solving is another important component in an individual’s life; it’s a way to find solutions for the complex or difficult issues. The study has the sample of 100 participants who belong to the age group of 18-30 years collected with the help of stratified snowball sampling method. The findings of the study depict that there is no correlation between the two variables. Above all the t-test result states that the variables aren’t influenced by gender or by working population but the graduate population indicates a correlation between two variables.

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Published in   Volume 09, Issue 4, October- December, 2021