| Published: December 25, 2019

Effectiveness of counselling intervention on stress reduction and managing glycaemic level among patients with type 2 diabetes: pre-post intervention

Dr. Usha Narayanan

Prachodana, Centre for counseling and personal wellness, Perumbavoor Google Scholar More about the auther

, Dr. Rekha K S

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Sahrdaya College of advanced studies, Kodakara, India Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.018/20190704

DOI: 10.25215/0704.018


Present study intends to investigate effectiveness of counseling intervention on stress reduction and managing glycaemic level among type 2 diabetes patients. A sample of 40 middle adulthood (21 males and 19 females) aged between 40-65 years, type 2 diabetes patients was selected from Sanjoe hospital, Perumbavr. The tools used in the study are personal identification data, perceived stress scale, stress profile questionnaire, and problem area in diabetes questionnaire for measuring diabetes distress. Descriptive statistics like Mean, Standard deviation, Percentage and Frequency were used. Paired sample‘t’ test was used to analyze the data. From the statistical analysis the investigator conclude that the counseling  intervention  was able to reduce stress and brought about a better management of glycaemic level. Thus the study implies the importance of diabetes awareness education and counseling in managing the blood glucose level. Life style modifications in individuals, especially in diet, physical activity and self-monitoring brought changes in stress and Glycaemic level. Better knowledge about diabetes provided by counseling itself reduced the diabetes distress. Educational programs showed a progress through stage of change in participants, motivational classes play a pivotal role.  A non – pharmacologic intervention in individuals with type 2 diabetes could possibly improve measures of better glycaemic control and stress reduction.

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