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| Published: March 23, 2021

Effects of regular physical exercise on self-concept: a comparative study

Juneja A.

Research scholar, Department of Psychology, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.080/20210901

DOI: 10.25215/0901.080


The world is no stranger to the benefits of having a fit body and a healthy mind. Feeling good, physically and mentally, go hand in hand. A person who feels healthy can most definitely have a more realistic and positive view of self. Similarly, those who do not feel very warmly towards themselves or lack an understanding of who they really are, can change that by feeling physically positive. To assess the effect of regular workout on self-concept, we conducted a study on undergraduates (age limit 20-22). For this, we took a sample size of sixty students in Amity University (Noida), 30 students who performed physical exercise and 30 who did not. The sample size was further divided into 15 male and female students in each category. We used the Self-Concept Questionnaire devised by Dr. Saraswat for our study. The data collected showed a positive correlation between Positive Self-Concept and Exercise (correlation coefficient=0.13) and a negative correlation (coefficient= -0.05) was seen with the absence of exercise.

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Published in   Volume 09, Issue 1, January-March, 2021