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| Published: December 29, 2018

Impact of Relationship Obsession on the Routine of an Individual

Sowmya. K.R

Professor & Head, Department of Management Studies, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.) Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.117/20180604

DOI: 10.25215/0604.117


Relationship Obsessive disorder is a prevalent disorder attracting a lot of research on various themes of obsession. The focus is to investigate relationship-related obsessive symptoms among working employees.  Relationships play a major role in the lives of each individual irrespective of gender, age and other significant demographic factors. Obsession with relationships may occur with friends, peers, opposite gender, or anybody whose significance is more to the person concerned. When such obsession occurs, the person tends to get engrossed and lost either in the joy or the sorrow of the relationship. It mostly occurs among people in relevant or irrelevant relationships, who tend to live or not live together, who may have in-secured thoughts about the partner, and for several reasons not restricted to the mentioned. Finally, the conceptual understanding, empirical analysis and interpretation are facilitated through the done research in the current cultural context of Asia in a south Indian perspective.

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Published in   Volume 06, Issue 4, October-December, 2018