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| Published: October 29, 2018

Job Crafting, Locus of Control and Emotional Stability: A study on the IT sector in India

Miracle Deborah Sarkar

Scholar, Dept. of Psychology, Christ University, Bangalore, Karnataka, India Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.035/2018060

DOI: 10.25215/0604.035


Job crafting is a process which is voluntarily practiced by employees to actively redesign work tasks, relational boundaries and cognitive aspects of their job. The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between job crafting and two variables of the self-core evaluation traits – locus of control and emotional stability. It followed a correlational research design. A total sample of 60 middle level male and female employees from the IT sector in Bengaluru, India were studied in this research. It took into consideration three variables: (a) Job Crafting; (b) Locus of Control; and (c) Emotional Stability. The study used three different self-report questionnaires which were administered consecutively to the participants. The Job Crafting Questionnaire (JCQ) was used to measure Job Crafting, Work Locus of Control Scale (WLCS) measured Locus of Control of the employees and the neuroticism dimension of the Big Five Inventory (BFI) was used to measure Emotional Stability. The obtained data was statistically treated using parametric statistical tools like descriptive statistics, product moment correlation and t-test to study the extent of Job Crafting, relationship between Job Crafting, Locus of Control and Emotional Stability, and gender differences respectively. The study concluded that there is a positive correlation between Internal Locus of Control and Job Crafting. It also found that there exists a positive correlation between Emotional Stability and Job Crafting. Further, this study suggested that there is no significant difference between men and women in job crafting. The research can be used in employee engagement, personality assessments, during selection or promotion and making managerial decisions.

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Published in   Volume 06, Issue 4, October-December, 2018