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| Published: March 25, 2016

Meditation as an Alternative State of Consciousness

Dr. Bani Narula

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, D.A.V College, Chandigarh Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.053/20160302

DOI: 10.25215/0302.053


This paper provides an analysis of meditation as a new way of managing stress, tension and crisis. Contemporary psychology of mediation has gained worldwide significance and acceptance to seek solace and solutions for modern problems. Originally mediation was meant to help deepen understanding of the mystical and sacred forces of life. But, these days, it is commonly used for relaxation and stress reduction. Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment and enhance personal and spiritual growth. It is an altered state of consciousness or altered state of mind, which is a temporary change in one’s normal mental state without being considered unconscious. Meditation provides a way for personal empowerment to become more in control of one’s thinking, emotions and behaviour. Therefore, as per the perspective of modern psychology, meditative practices hold utmost significance in augmenting the understanding of mind-body relationship.

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Published in   Volume 03, Issue 2, January-March, 2016