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| Published: July 25, 2019

Relationship between Short- Term Memory and Gender of 18- 20 Years

Swagata Adyalkar

Researcher, Institute of Behavioural Science, GFSU, Gandhinagar, India Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.004/20190703

DOI: 10.25215/0703.004


The aim of the research was to assess Relationship between short- term memory (STM) and gender of 18- 20 years. Short term memory is a storage capacity which is extremely small. Memory is very important because cognitive tasks can be completed only with sufficient ability to hold information as it is processed. It’s been observed that the females are considered to have greater short- term memory as compared to men. The ability to store information vary from person to person as STM can stores limited information. The capacity could range from 5 to 9 meaningful items in 18- 20 years. The research was conducted by collecting sample from college students age between 18- 20 years. The data type used in this experiment is interval type. The tools that were used were three lists of 10 meaningful words. Each list was presented to both female and male. This was found when both males and females were presented with 3 lists of meaningful words. The results reflected that females exhibited better short term memory as compared to men. The analysis of the test score was done by t- test. It was used to determine significant difference between the male and female participants in recall probability on the word recall test. After the analysis of data, the alternative hypothesis got accepted and null hypothesis got rejected. The value of paired t test was – 3.789. This indicates that -3.789 < 0.05. Therefore, the alternative hypothesis got accepted.

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DIP: 18.01.004/20190703

DOI: 10.25215/0703.004

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Published in   Volume 07, Issue 3, July-September, 2019

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