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| Published: September 11, 2021

Role of Joining Religious Groups or Spiritual Groups on Spiritual Quotient of Middle Aged Adults

Shweta Jain

Research Scholar, Master in Clinical Psychology, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Gurugram, India Google Scholar More about the auther


DOI: 10.25215/0903.133


People join Spiritual or Religious groups to work on a common objective collectively, while others don’t join any groups to consciously work towards their own spirituality or becoming religious.  Previously, few researches were conducted on impact of spirituality or religiosity on various parameters of mental health. Furthermore, few researches measured neurological or psychological benefits through tests before and after short meditation programs. The purpose of this paper is to understand the role of joining a spiritual/ religious group on Spiritual Quotient (SQ) of a middle aged individual aged 35-65 years. The objective is to understand whether being a regular member of religious or spiritual group is better for SQ of a person than a non member. For this study, a total sample population of 75 people were taken for the study, out of which 60 were selected using purposive sampling to obtain the data in each group of 30; matched by membership with group and educational qualification. In total sample size of 60, 30 people belonged to age category of early middle age (35-45) and 30 belonged to age category of late middle age (45-65). The findings revealed a significant difference in SQ of spiritual/ religious group members and the non members. SQ of members was found to be higher than non members.

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Published in   Volume 09, Issue 3, July- September, 2021