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| Published: June 25, 2016

Yoga and Mental Health: An Underexplored Relationship

Gyanesh Kumar Tiwari

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Doctor Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar, M. P. India Google Scholar More about the auther

DIP: 18.01.002/20160476

DOI: 10.25215/0476.002


Yoga is a way of life comprising mental, physical and spiritual attributes to achieve holism, meaningfulness, excellence and completeness in all walks of human functioning. It entails energizing and fuelling processes which lead an individual to make a balance in his/her personality and incite him/her to achieve greatest social, psychological, spiritual and moral coordination juxtaposed with most creative and productive functioning at individual, family, community, societal, national, international and cosmic levels. The present paper attempts to explicate and assess the role of yoga and yogic practices in achieving, preserving and promoting mental health. The curative, preventive and promotive role of yoga and yogic practices in mental health and human functioning have been discussed and substantiated. The major psychotherapeutic practices and techniques based on yoga and yogic practices have been discussed in length. In addition, the mechanisms through which the yoga and yogic practices exert their influences on mental health and human functioning have also been given sufficient place based on scientific findings of psychological science. The conclusions of this endeavor demonstrate that the real value and place of the yoga and yogic practices have to be conveyed to the people of the world. The time has come to make aware the world about its real meaning and value and also use this platform to decipher the traditional Indian knowledge before the world civilizations to mitigate all sorts of problems facing humanity of the world today. The depth and vitality of the yoga and yogic practices and the multiple value of this interdisciplinary branch of knowledge is underexplored as per the scientific standards. It necessitates eclectic global efforts to situate this priceless Indian traditional knowledge at the place where it ought to be. The conclusions of this paper would be of great value for the academicians, policy makers, administrators, students, and the public at large. Owing to its significance in all aspects human development and functioning of the whole world, The United Nations has rightly declared June 21 of each year as International Yoga Day since last year. This is really a recognition and honour to the great Indian civilizations and its people.

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